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Wedding Wars: Jessica Vs. Nick?

photo of jessica simpson and eric johnson fiances engaged engagement pictures

According to sources close to Jessica Simpson, girlfriend’s in such a frenzy to tie the knot with her boyfriend – the one that I still have not remembered a name, nor do I feel so inclined to Google it right now – before ex-husband Nick Lachey marries Vanessa Minnillo, and she’s willing to rush to fit everything in before Christmas in order to ‘win.’

We’re looking at a dual Christmas wedding here, guys.

According to friends of the blushing bride-to-be:

“She wants to beat Nick to the altar. She knows that it is going to be tough to pull everything together on such short notice, so it might have to be a New Years wedding. In any case, she wants the focus to be on her wedding. She doesn’t want her wedding to be the aftermath of his.”

Not only is Jessica allegedly pulling out all the stops in order to beat Nick and Vanessa to the altar, she’s also looking at dropping quite a considerable sum on the wedding, too, in an effort to upstage her ex’s nuptial plans:

“It will be big and elaborate. She’ll spare no expensive for fear that Nick and Vanessa will outdo her. She’s already starting planning everything and has every family member working on her big day.”

… This sounds like it’s going to end well. And incidentally, if you haven’t heard, Jessica is currently refusing to sign a pre-nup agreement with her boytoy, because it’s just not all that romantic, I guess. (And for all of you caught unaware of her previous marriage and it’s intricacies, she didn’t sign one with Nick Lachey, either, and he took her for 15 million.)

I hope none of this is true, and I really hope that Jess is smarter than most people give her credit for, but I’ll lay it down for you: the pre-nup thing really has me concerned, I’m not gonna lie.

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  • Jesus. Is this going to turn into a romantic comedy premise where they end up having weddings on the same day at opposite sides of town and at the last minute realize that they’re “perfect for each other” and then both of them rush to the others’ weddings to stop it just in time? And then they end up at a fountain and decide to split a chili dog… and the rest of their lives together?


  • I hope she does the smart thing and get a pre-nup. I am sure her perv daddy is getting her to do that before she marries the guy. If she didn’t learn her first lesson than she is a lost cause.