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Harry Potter Wants to Be An Archaeologist, How Darling!

A photo of Daniel Radcliffe

I honestly can’t get over how completely precious Daniel Radcliffe is to me. And not in an “oh my gosh, I want to bang The Boy Who Lived” way (wouldn’t that be so weird?), in an “oh my gosh, I want to put this boy in my pocket and carry him around with me for always and dress him up in little suits and have him talk to me in his little voice and just love him to pieces!” way. Is that a common thought?

Anyway, my particular brand of “oh my gosh” thoughts for Daniel just got a little stronger today, because it turns out that since he doesn’t have to spend the next decade being Harry Potter, he’s going to have a bit of free time. And he’s thinking about spending it in college:

He said: “I watch a huge amount of stuff on the Discovery Channel and have started considering doing an Open University course because I’m becoming more and more fascinated by archaeology.

“So yes, as sad as I am to say goodbye to Harry, I’m really excited to see what the future holds.”

Can you just imagine little Daniel out there, digging through ruins, looking for artifacts with his little bitty hands? Couldn’t you just die?!

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  • I love how your sentiments towards Daniel Radcliff perfectly mirror my own. I actually said “Awe, now look at him in his little three-piece suit!” in that voice you use when bemused with the antics of a toddler.