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Let’s Let Daniel Radcliffe Hold Our Hands Through The End of Harry Potter

A photo of Daniel Radcliffe

The end is almost here, you guys. Can you believe it? After so many years of wonderful adventures and so many different rollercoasters of emotion (why, no, I am still not ok with what happened to Sirius), in less than two weeks, it’s going to be over. And Daniel Radcliffe, sweetheart that he is, is willing to give almost pointless interviews to ease the pain. Here are some quotes from The Boy Who Lived himself:

On his whole Potter experience: “I feel like It’s been a huge learning curve and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best actors in the world,” Radcliffe said. “I feel like to a certain extent that I’ve been in the best film/drama school that anyone could wish for because there’s no better way to learn something than by doing it.”

On the upcoming movie: “I was actually really pleased,” Radcliffe said with a smile. “I was very nervous going in because had I not been pleased then I probably would’ve been in a downward spiral and I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as much. But thankfully I was just delighted and so proud, and it’s a very good film. I do think Alan Rickman gives the film performance of his career in this movie.”

On Ron and Hermione’s kiss: “What’s nice is that it’s there but it’s not lingered on,” Radcliffe said. “I’m sure Ron and Hermione will get a big applause from the audience, and they should, they’ve been waiting long enough to see that happen. But what’s lovely is the part after they break up and start laughing, I can see that it’s just Rupert and Emma.”

On being a hero: “I think for a while I took for granted that I was playing an action hero,” Radcliffe said. “I’ve had to remind myself that it’s not very often in an actor’s career that you get to play action heroes, and there was a moment on the second film that I got to burst through the water into a ring of fire, and I actually did that. And I thought, if my career continues for another hundred years, I probably won’t get to do that. So, that was pretty cool.”

This is going to be a hard movie, isn’t it? I’m starting to accept that fully. For instance, my BFF and I were going to go alone, as a sort of ceremonial thing (we’ve seen every movie but the first together at midnight, isn’t that darling?), but we decided to bring along a couple of boys, mostly because it’ll be fun to have a big dress-up party beforehand (I think we’re doing James and Lily and Narcissa and Lucius, which will be adorable), but partly so we can have designated drivers so we can sit in the backseat and hold each other while we sob uncontrollably.

Do you guys have any neat plans for the premiere? Do you think you’ll handle it more gracefully than I will?

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  • I love your plan. I am going to wear my Professor McGonagall costume and kill time in line for the midnight show by sorting people into their houses. I have people draw different colored lollipops out of a sorting hat. At first it’s just kids, but then adults come up all half-embarrassed and ask “Can I be sorted, too?” It’s pretty adorbs. And nobody ever wants to be Hufflepuff-sad. :o)

  • I must be one of the only people in the world who was totally okay with what happened to Sirius. I know that that is one of the least acceptable things to say, but I just . . . really did not care much.

    But I love the series. SO. MUCH. Like, my mother came back from a vacation to New Orleans when I was ten or eleven, and she had a book that she had bought for me on a whim. And I was like, “‘Harry Potter’ . . . never heard of him.” And then I read it the next day and have been hooked ever since.

    Having no more films to anticipate is going to be almost as weird as no more books.