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Raven-Symone Has to Wear a Fat Suit

Raven-Symone on May 14, 2011 in Burbank, California.

Raven-Symoné is killing it. Lately, the woman is a sexy shadow of her former self, which can only be the product of hard work and masochism.

Even at her biggest she usually looked A-OK, I always thought, except for her penchant for wearing none-too-flattering curtains and togas. (And now that she’s lost 70 pounds, I think she should try uncovering her upper arms. Come on, lady.)

The cruel irony: on her new ABC Family show, “State of Georgia,” Raven-Symoné essentially has to wear a fat suit. She tells The Insider,

Well, Georgia started off as a bigger girl, and yes, I did have to wear body pads. I wore the same amount of body pads to make me the size that I was when I left “That’s So Raven.” [bursts into giggles] Which, everybody was complaining that I was too big.

As the show goes on, she hopes that they’ll write her weight out of the scripts. “One, the show shouldn’t be about weight,” she says. Then she turns cynical: “Eventually, I really don’t want to wear pads. You know? Because as a female I’m going to fluctuate, monthly—please keep that in, I don’t care—as a female I’m gonna fluctuate monthly, let alone fluctuate through relationships, let alone fluctuate because… they might add salt more to something that I eat that I don’t know about, and then I gotta stop eating that.”

The helplessness of this last sentiment rings really true to me, because I am currently on my 28-day upswing (you can especially see it in my cankles), and every time I accidentally glance at a mirror, I think “How is this even possible,” and then I make a puffer-fish face at myself. I will feel normal again later this week.