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Lindsay Lohan’s Just Tripping the Lights Fantastic

photo of lindsay lohan at paradise cove pictures photos beach partying pics

Does anybody even say that anymore? You know, aside from this bitch? I remember my dad used to say that a lot when I was little, so maybe it’s some weird eighties thing. Or maybe it was just a weird dad thing, because I was rather young for some of the eighties, and maybe I just don’t remember all that well.

Anyway, here we have photos of Lindsay Lohan on the beach at Paradise Cove. Girlfriend hasn’t wasted any time in resuming her natural way of life, nor has she hesitated in retreating back to her leg-humping boozehound ways.

Good to see that though some Hollywood stars try to grow up, and some, you know, die – or worse, lose all of their movie credibility because of one stupid comment – that we can rely on good old Lindsay Lohan to be keeping it real and chilling on the beach with some random dude who has an impressive beer gut. You just do you, girl, and we’ll sit back and … laugh.

Have a happy and safe fourth!

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