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Justin Bieber Wants to Be Lil Wayne’s BFF, Lil Wayne Refuses

A photo of Lil Wayne

Here’s the story: Justin Bieber loves Lil Wayne.  So much.  He wants to rub his feet and take him to the beach and do all those things that people in love do together.  Well, ok, that last bit is mostly fantasy on my part, but Justin really does love Weezy to pieces.  Here, I’ll let Lil Wayne describe it for you himself:

“That’s my little homie now. He texts me every night asking me to do [his] damn song. That’s my nigga, but I can’t do it. Like I said, I don’t want to fuck his shit up.”

What he’s saying is that he’s not about to bring his particular musical stylings to Bieber’s hoards of teenyboppers, which is actually pretty respectable.  However, my newly discovered respect for Lil Wayne is not nearly as strong as my newly renewed love for Justin Bieber, because I’m sorry, but the image of The Biebz desperately trying to get a hold of the ever elusive, wise old Weezy is just too much to bear.

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  • i understand wat dwayne means he just doesnt want the life he has had for justin and i am sorry but i am really sick of ppl being so addicted to starz there just like us go to jail get ito trouble north carolina sounds like a fun place to live but where i live its not as safe as ppl think yea its beautiful but ppl get shot gained up on i grew up in foster home after foster home its ot fun i was hurt i am not affraid nomore yea i am affraid to lose anymore of my family but not scared of being hurt its part of life my bro is in jail for falling in love with a bitch just cuz she was 17 and he was 18 now the second year in a row he is missing his bday he is gonna be 19 and i dont get to celebrate with liquer havin a party . its not fun ok and starz deal with the same shit we do.. yea lil wayne is sexy as fuck but i dont go all crazy over him like syco bitches i know. fuck it ok anyone if u set ur mind too it could be a star . i plan on being a madel but i have a rebound if not dont get ur hopes up and tell urself ur gonna get through it cuz ya never know .. lil wayne ur kinda like an inspiration to me i have had a hell of a life but now i am living it up and proving i can be wat i wanna be fuck the world and its rules i am gonna be who i am and i am not changing that for noone.
    ? Julian Marie Durgan ?