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Justin Bieber Has a Foot Fetish

twitter picture of justin bieber and selena gomez giving a foot massage pictures photos

Good God, beach PDAs, underage tattoos, ass-grabbing, and now foot massages? What’s the world going to be treated to next, guys, full-on sex on the streets of LA?

Justin Bieber and his girlyfriend Selena Gomez continue their beach tour with an erotic foot massage. And yes, it IS erotic, because anything Justin Bieber does with this chick just screams ‘SEX!’, duh.  Just ask his weird-ass Twitter followers.

I know it’s kind of gross to consider these two grinding up and bumping uglies, partially because Bieber is a KID and that’s sort of PEDOPHILISH, but also partially because Justin Bieber has a very young-looking body, too, and that makes me wonder for Selena. I’m not going to speculate and say that boyfriend must be packing, because I think that’s probably crossing a line, but I will say: Justin Bieber is one charmed little boy.

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  • Whoever posted this is a stuck up twat and needs to think about other peoples feelings before you come out with shit like this!! You Jealous, Obnoctious, TWAT!! Nuff said.

  • First of all there is no such thing as a “foot fetish” as this is popular culture psychobabble because it is an academic fact that a fetish is a sexual attraction to an inanimate object. Folks interested in a foot are described as a foot partialist. Furthermore simply because Justin is massaging his girlfriend’s foot does not necessarily mean that he is a foot partialist as a lot of folks give foot massages but are not necessarily turned on by a foot per se. Justin does not even look like he is enjoying himself hence you appear to be trying to defame him. Which brings me to another point.

    Why in the world is foot partialism defamed while breast or ass partialism is celebrated? Why are extremities vilified but not the aforementioned two? Do you not suppose that there is an AGENDA here? Agenda you ask? Agenda indeed: I will explain.

    A long time ago I came across the healing art of reflexology while watching a television program discussing the topic. At first I thought it was quack science but years later discovered that it was in fact an ancient form of healing used around the world – as points on the sole of the foot / including the palm of the hand & ears too are connected to all of the vital organs of the human body & them some. Reflexology is thus an ancient form of healing & pain management revolving around stimulating the pressure points of the soles primarily but palms as well & was even featured on ancient Egyptian murals.

    Which brings me to the relevant point. I have thus discerned that the MAIN reason why the foot is reviled in popular culture & anyone caught expressing even the SLIMMEST interest in a foot [ as our poor Justin Bieber celeb here ] is automatically derided as a sick pervert [ while this SAME society would high five & celebrate if he were feeling off her breasts or ass ] is entirely due to the healing properties inherent in a simple foot massage as the powers that be would rather you submit to their pharmaceutical industry than to be able to heal yourself with such a simple ancient art.

    Next time you see someone giving someone else a soothing foot rub: instead of racing to the computer to “expose” how the “offender” has a “fetish” [ which is impossible as the term would be partialist ] try to be cognizant that your have been programed to ridicule anything smacking of foot partialism as a method of repelling you away from alternative medicine. Next time do not reinforce the internalization of our own oppression but celebrate that someone is in fact stimulating the healing process of his / her companion.

  • I think that true feeling towards a young beautiful girl, if thats how you feel towards her then go for it. Its okay to admire her feet and how pretty it is. Its just in the matter of time you’ll start to smell her soles and arches of her feet.