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Selena Gomez Goes to the Beach With Justin Bieber and His Nipples

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Hey, look, it’s those crazy teenage lovers, Selena and Justin. Man, can you imagine the heartbreak that’s gonna go down when these two split? You know it’s going to happen – it’s inevitable. And it’s going to go one of two ways: Selena’s going to get tired of napping next to a kid who doesn’t have a shred of hair on his concave chest and move along to much bigger, older, HAIRIER dudes, or Justin is going to grow bigger than his britches, turn eighteen, and kick Selena to the side of the street once he sees what kind of puss his scrawny ass can get JUST BECAUSE HE’S FAMOUS.

Also? Does Justin have some kind of tattoo on his right side (MY right; his left) emerging from his armpit, or does this kid just live and breathe his music so hard that he actually, like, sweats smeared, inky lyrics?

And who’s going to break up with whom when this crap finally does happen?

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