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The One Where Justin Bieber Almost Gets Trampled

See, I told you Justin Bieber doesn’t give a fuck.

Shortly before his concert in Arizona, The Biebz was filmed riding around a parking lot on a Segway with no security in sight.  Luckily for him, he had the dude filming this video, whose half-hearted yell of “don’t grab him” clearly saved the day.

I first saw this video last night, and it still just enchants me. Why is Justin Bieber riding a Segway around a parking lot? Why do so many young girls think an appropriate reaction to anyone is to screech continuously while chasing them down? Why is a guy who has audibly gone through puberty at a Justin Bieber concert?  I keep hoping that if I watch it one more time, I’ll understand, but mostly I just end up giggling and rewatching from the 25 second mark where that cocky son of a bitch just breezes by all those ladies.

This is almost as funny as that time that Justin Bieber walked into a door.

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  • There is nothing that is funnier than that video of the Bieb walking into a door. Although breezing past his howling fans on a segway is really quite excellent – I feel myself not disliking him as much now.

  • This is hilarious! For some reason videos about justin bieber end up making me crack up. I never understood how screeching shows your apreciation for a person either.