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Paula and Simon, Together Again!

A photo of Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

Some of us are really bad with change.  It’s ok, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re one of those people.  It’s just that, for some of us, whenever something significant or even something we just perceive in our neurotic little minds to be significant changes, we feel like something is trying to claw our insides out from within.  And that’s how I felt when Paula Abdul left American Idol.

But chin up, fellow neurotics, because Paula and Simon Cowell are soon to be reunited in televised singing competition glory! Huzzah!

Paula is going to be a judge on The X Factor, the show that Simon left Idol for.  The panel’s going to consist of Paula, Simon, L.A. Reid, and Cheryl Cole.  But let’s be real, like anyone is going to give a damn about L.A. and Cheryl when Paula’s pulling her same old shit and Simon is existing, right?