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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: The Mother’s Day Edition

Did y’all wish your moms a happy mother’s day like I told you? Did those of you who are mothers get showered in love and affection? Well, I sure hope so, because if not, then you’re really going to feel awkward about today’s Tweets.  Let’s check out a variety of stances on the importance of Mother’s Day, and after that you can either pat yourself on the back or do some smooth talkin’ for your actions to all the mothers in your life, ok?

My boy, Chris Crocker, always tells it like it is, you know?  He’s probably the closest thing to a prophet we have right now, so let’s respect that.

Here we have Diddy, coming in for the single ladies.  See, he means it so much he can’t even use proper punctuation!

My favorite, Michael Ian Black, once again represents the alternatives among us.  Don’t be ashamed, people.  Hold your head high.

Daniel Tosh, my other favorite, provides a good alternative perspective as well.  See, the Lakers acted trashy yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow a meaningful tradition for the ladies in your life.


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