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The One Where I Risk My Life to Please The Twihards

A photo of a still from Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson recently said that the people who leaked those pictures from Breaking Dawn should be murdered.  Well, I’ve never been one to shy away from danger, and since I’ve already sinned in Rob’s eyes once, I might as well go down that dark road one more time.  If he sees fit, he can go ahead and murder me for it.  He could murder me so hard …

Anyway, Pop on the Pop has ten beautiful stills from the movie, and far be it from me to keep them from you.  In the pictures, you can see such exciting events as Bella and Edward having breakfast, Jacob riding his motorcycle, and Bella and Edward with a sexy waterfall!  Total bonus: one of the random vampires featured in one of the photos is Rudy from the first season of Dexter!  Is it a small world or what?

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