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Miley Is Still A Total Bad Ass, Covers Nirvana

Man, Miley Cyrus is really pulling out all the stops for this “I Hate America” tour, isn’t she? I guess nothing says rebellion quite like dressing like a hooker on a budget and a little rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”  All things considered, this isn’t the worst cover I’ve ever heard.  What do you guys think – is Miley trying way too hard or did she actually impress you with her grunge prowess?

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    • I was thinking the exact same thing before I even listened to it. Couldn’t get past a few seconds into the song. This is a disgrace.

  • Wow, this is literally the worst cover in the universe. How disgusting. Who does she think she is? Not only is Kurt rolling around in his grave, but as a giant Nirvana fan I am disgusted as are Nirvana fans everywhere who watch this. She’s trying so fucking hard to be all edgy, it’s just sad. I bet less than 1% of the audience knew what song that was or who originally sang it.

    She has such a horrible nasally toned voice and it shows when she sings live. She should stick to her stupid ass pop songs about dancing and/or being a slut. THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY.

  • Good god this bitch needs to be put down. No, just no. And your “dancing” looks like you are having a drunken fit and not in a good way. Stick to pretending you are a slutty pigeon.

  • THIS B*(&*(& is out of her f(*&(*)(#!@ mind!!! YOU SUCK MILEY, STICK TO POP MUSIC U STUPID PIECE OF S@#$!!!!!!