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Quotables: Aww, America, You Hurt Miley’s Feelings

A photo of Miley Cyrus

“I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour or not. Right now I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America have done that for me. Kind of going to the places where I get the most love. Don’t want to go anywhere where I don’t feel completely comfortable with it.”

– Poor Miley Cyrus explains why she hates America.

I know that “Miley Cyrus hates America” is a stretch of a statement, but down here in Tennessee we call what Miley is doing here “looking a gift horse in the mouth,” and we don’t take kindly to that.  Seeing as how Miley’s a good ol’ girl from Tennessee as well, you’d think she’d understand that.  But I suppose that, unlike myself, Miley’s never been the pearl-clutching type, so we can’t really expect her to do something like show gratitude to the fans who gave her her start.  Tough break.

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  • Awww poor Miley.
    Bitch suck it up. Foreigners only show you love cause they don’t have to deal with your ass as often.

  • dont be sad Miley, i’m Gillbert your biggest fan from Indonesia, there’s too many fans love u so much but evenu dont know who are they..
    i really wanna meet u someday if i could go to America..
    i hope u’d come to Indonesia, i’m still waiting for u RIGHT HERE

  • don’t get your feelins down just because someone hurts your feelings .. ’cause we love YOU the way you are back then and till now .. i’m your biggest and craziest fan here in the philippines and i’d hope to see you soon miley !! i love you !

  • Go fuck urself miley won a fuckin award whoeve wrote this article is dumb an a fag cuz miley is ok an let her b sad that dumb fag should feel hurt an so should u

  • I hate ppl some should go 2 hell NOW!!!Grow up or go 2 hell u fuckin 2 yr olds that R NOT 2 go fuck urselfs or somethin if u like me comment if u don’t care than go away

  • um wow not 2 b rude ,but that is harsh i think don’t b what ur not b a friend sorry…i know u tho idc bout ppl whoshould go 2 hell btw a lot of ppl should like u say u angry ?/???? u seem mad what happened?


  • Proper sentence structure and correct word usage, what happened to you? I was unaware that Miley had a legion of illiterate fans who used the most horrid slang I have seen. Then again, not entirely surprised.

    • Sadly it would seem that Bailey has very limited options in life. You would think learning to converse using the Kings English would be paramount in public education. I’m sure she will have a bright future when Mtv’s Teen Mom calls her back for her audition. Btw Bailey, you are as big a twat as Miley.

  • Entitled crazy famous chick. If she weren’t hot, she’d be flipping burgers. How can one not understand how dumb it is to say such things about her home turf??

  • Typical…..some cunt makes a ton of money from her fans and that is still not good enough.

    I wish she would lose her voice and get so fat she cant hardly move…………How do you like it now your cunty-ness?

  • I’m sorry lol i was just mad at the time of somebdy who stole my bf i don’t think u care and i don’t want 2 get u mad so i’ll say everyone has their own opinions and has a right 2 say them.

    • WOW bailey big bad words,but it seems u r mad and crazy lol not 2 get u mad cuz now that i see how harsh u r i want 2 back off.We the ppl will say what we want so let’s say no some ppl should stay on earth 2 take the others down wit them not any of the ppl on this site.PPL on this site seem pretty nice and i think u might b a nice peep inside,but u r mad and i can see that.

  • Umm…what the fuck are you talking about? By what I proseem your all diminished by the fact that Miley Cyrus was offended by the USA federal race, am I right? I MASTURBAIT CALL ME ON 01420 556942

  • Not really a Miley fan, but I must admit that this is somewhat rude. Miley did not say, nor did she imply that she hates America in that statement. She said she doesn’t feel comfortable in America because she’s not sure if they like her very much. Which is completely understandable for any human being. It’s like someone being at a school where they’re not so well-liked, so they move schools.