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Miley Cyrus Whoops a Cameraman’s Ass in a Parking Lot

If you ever find yourself thinking that Miley Cyrus is a little bit too Hollywood, just reference these photos. The 18-year-old singer/actress went after a paparazzo in an LA parking lot yesterday, full-on hitting the dude and then standing around for another minute to give some lip to everyone documenting the moment. And remember, kids: This is the second time this has happened this week.

Deep down, Miley’s just a butt-draggin’, pole-grindin’, bong-rippin’ down home gal that will whoop yo’ ass in a parking lot.

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  • I’m sick and tired of people and media talking crap about Miley R. Cyrus get at a life will you and for those who don’t have or can’t get a life grow up will ya.
    I don’t care how many people tell me I don’t even care if Justin Bimer or how ever you spell that kid’s last name is gay and only likes guy’s but since his so young and some what famose he won’t tell the truth just like George Michael didn’t until he got busted by giving a BJ to a COP lol.
    Selena Gomez your awesome but you have to stop covering up for Justin and also if you did show topless stop lieing about it will make you more popular so tell the truth life will go on if you do. LOL

  • What is Miley R. Cyrus suppose to do? or Any celebrity who is hounded or stalked by The Paparazos? What? Are they able to do?
    How close or how intrusive do The Paparazos have to get before it’s ok for them to fight back or defend themselves?
    These people are human beings first before they are celebrities and if they are being stalked by a relentless Paparazzi, they have the right to fight back and defend themselves,like we all do.
    Lets get the Paparazzi and have them respect other peoples lives.
    Lets all honor & salute, anyone who stands up for themselves and their family and friends.
    I salute you. Dino-Dennis

  • she is mean and she makes me sick.I hope she dose not have 2 girlfriend cause my boyfriend wiil not be happy i cheated on him with a girl