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Miley Goes Nuts on a Photog For Disrespecting Her Mama

Miley Cyrus may not be on great terms with her dad, but it seems like she’ll do anything for her mom, including getting up in the face of some careless paparazzo.

Yesterday the singer and her mom Tish were eating at California Chicken Cafe (which always makes me LOL because back in like 2007, my gay husband used to practically stalk some dude that usually ate there and I’d get manic texts like, “OMG, I’m at California Chicken Cafe and the husband alarm just went off in here! Ding ding ding!”), and when they left, they were rushed by a couple of cameramen that had been waiting to swoop in. One of the paps was so desperate to get shots of Miley that he ran into her mother, swiping her with his camera. That’s when Miley lost her damn mind.

There’s a good 30 seconds of Miley telling off this dude and it’s pretty respectable. Tish seems like she could barely give a shit (I guess that’s what happens when you fuck Bret Michaels,) but it was really sweet of Miley to stand up for her like that. It showed that that big mouth of hers can be used for good, too.

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