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Ryan Gosling Rocks Specs, Makes My Heart Go Pitty-Pitty-Pat-Pat

photo of ryan gosling pictures in an airport with glasses pictures

Oh Ryan Gosling. Is there ANY way that you don’t look absolutely edible? I mean here you are, in the airport, looking classy, put-together, and effortless. You probably sat through a grueling six-hour-plus flight from God-knows-where, and I’d still clean the dried ball sweat from the insides of your thighs. WITH MY TONGUE. I know, that’s pretty gross, but seriously? So true.

Right. Well, sometimes you’ve just gotta run the photos even if there isn’t a cutting, witty story behind them. Ryan Gosling is super hot, period. There never needs to be an excuse to run a gallery of photos of Ryan Gosling. Plus? I’m sick of talking about/hearing about Osama Bin Laden. It’s a win-win for everyone involved tonight, guys. Have a good one.