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Why You Should Really Respect Denise Richards

Yeah, look, no one’s more shocked than me that I just wrote that headline, but you guys: Denise Richards has proven herself to be one hell of a classy lady throughout all of this Charlie Sheen drama.

Denise was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night after the Real Housewives of New York (the only reason I was around to watch it,) and of course Andy Cohen asked her about some of the stuff that’s going on with her ex-husband and the father of her two daughters, Charlie Sheen. She didn’t say one bad word about the guy and actually seemed to be genuinely sad about the tragic turn his life has taken in recent months. And she showed some support to Charlie’s newest ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, saying that she gives her a lot of credit for taking control of her addiction and checking herself into treatment.

Denise also mentioned that, while she herself had met Charlie’s Goddesses, her daughters had not. Sounds like she went over and screened them before she brought her kids over, which is exactly what a good mother would do. Plus, she offered to take in Brooke and Charlie’s twin baby boys while their two of them are off doing other things. Totally unnecessary, but the caring and open-hearted thing to do.

I’ve spent plenty of time being annoyed by Denise over trivial, tabloid-y issues throughout the years, but that was pretty quickly washed away after seeing how she’s reacted in the face of true problems.

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  • i HATE the forced advertisement in this video — it wont allow you to stop or pause — SO ANNOYING!

  • i like her. she got a bad rap years ago. but she was funny on her show, classy on oprah, and doing the right thing by her kids.