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Sorry, Kids, Charlie Sheen’s Just Not That Into You

And it’s a good time to admit it, since “insiders” claim that Sheen allegedly relinquished his parental rights (and joint custody) of Sam and Lola, the two children who were birthed by ex-wife Denise Richards.

The two were said to sign an official agreement a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t want to go public with it until it hit the courts for finalization.

Denise will now have full and complete custody of the couple’s children and will begin receiving upwards of $125k a month. Better get back to filming more of your “hit show,” Two and a Half Men, Charlie. You can’t live off your Hot Shots! fame forever, you know.

Boy, Charlie. You must really hate being a dad if you’re willing to almost triple your support payments to a woman you detest in order to have the kids off your back.

PS:  You’re looking more and more like crazy thin-lipped Corey Feldman every damned day, Sheen.  Get a grip.

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  • He’s too busy tryin’ to prove 9-11 was an inside job! Can’t do that with children tugging at your pants leg!

  • I don’t think Charlies had much choice in this matter. In wake of his current problems, he didn’t have a chance in hell to keep joint custody of those kids. Not defending him by any means.

  • Wow, those kids must really be awful for Charlie Sheen to want to abandon them like this. (j/k)
    $125K/per month is not what the celebs…whatever article says Denise Richards will get. That’s apparently the approximate total of what Brooke Mueller would get, total per month (including kiddie health care and crayons), in the event of a split with Charlie Sheen. Denise, it seems, will have to make do on a mere $50K per month.
    Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards supposedly like one another now, for what it’s worth to the stratosphere.

  • So tired of the man hating attitude of the so-called Feminists on this website.

    Do you really think the Hollywood crack smoking wife will take care of these kids? She will have a nanny (or two) to raise those kids. So quick to point the finger and judge.

    He knew he didn’t have a chance in hell. She probably threatened him. Women almost always win in the court system (they cry abuse and they always, always win).

    Before the harpies turn on me, no I have never been divorced or been accused of abusing a women. Stop playing the victim card.

    • Maybe you need to pull your head out of your ass and actually read the post. It isn’t about the current wife (“the Hollywood crack smoking wife” as you so eloquently put it) it’s about Denise Richards. I know you couldn’t possibly be bothered with details while you were knockig the man haters.

  • As someone who’s seen more than her fair share of divorce trials and worked on custody cases with people, a move like this could actually be really mature and one of the best things he’s done for the children. Battling it out for years and years and being nasty to one another can have a significant impact on your children. Sometimes it better to think in the best interest of the children and give them a stable environment.

  • Charlie said he would be happy to become reacquainted with his daughters as soon as they got some +2s and cheer leading outfits…until then they just turn him on.

  • ok sorry but you don’t know the whole story so you can’t say he doesn’t want them or whatever. It might not have been his idea, this might not even be true! so if you don’t know the whole situation then it’s just plain STUPID to say shit about it.
    and Charlie Sheen is excellent at his job, which is basically being funny on TV, so who are you to question his personal life? being on TV. doesn’t mean you want to be a role model, good or bad.