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Nick Lachey is Marrying Another Idiot, So By Default, He’s Also an Idiot

Nick Lachey was famously married to the sweet but loony Jessica Simpson for a few years (you may have seen something on TV about that, *eyeroll*) but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him from marrying someone who seems equally ditzy.

Vanessa Minnillo recently did an interview with about her upcoming wedding/marriage to Nick and after reading what she had to say, I have to wonder if their marriage is just going to be Newlyweds: The Remix. I’ve pulled some of Vanessa’s best (read: worst) quotes from the piece to share with you here:

On why she knows things with Nick will last forever: “The best part is that you know someone has your back, no matter what. It’s not that I didn’t know that before – I kind of teetered on it – but now I know for sure that no matter what, this guy’s got my back. There’s nothing we can’t work out, and there’s nothing we can’t talk through. There’s no obstacle we can’t overcome, and that’s a beautiful, comforting thought.”

On her wedding cake: “I love all flavors. I might have to do different layers and different flavors.”

On whether or not her dog will be the ring bearer at her wedding: “If he is, it’s going to take a lot of training and discipline, because right now he’s just too shy. He’d panic down the aisle and probably run off with the rings. Maybe I should get started on that, right?”

1) What exactly is it that she and Nick have seen each other through? The end of his messy, public divorce? Both of their careers floundering as the public loses interest in them at a rapid pace? These two haven’t run out of money, had a kid or even had to learn what it’s like to live life completely out of the spotlight. How it is that she’s certain there’s nothing they can’t handle is unclear to me.

2) How can she decide on a life partner when she can’t even pick a flavor of cake to serve?

3) This woman doesn’t know how to say no. If a reporter asked me if I was going to strap a ring to my dog and send him running down the aisle at my wedding, I’d cock my head and say, “He’s a dog. No,” but instead Vanessa gives some 30-second explanation about how her dog is shy and needs training before he can be given that big of a responsibility. Get with it, home chicken.

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  • Wow, that what a bitchy post. How the hell would you know what they’ve had to go through in their personal life together? You read OK Magazine so you’re in the know? LOL
    Just because they’re not as famous as they once were doesn’t mean their lives revolve around that. Wow.
    Somebody must be PMS’ing.