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Quotables: Nicki Minaj Loves Simon Cowell

A photo of Nicki Minaj

“I love Simon very dearly. He’s such an amazing man. I had the pleasure of meeting him and my life will never be the same, darling. I told him that. I was absolutely in love with him prior to meeting him. And now that I’ve met him, I dream about him every night.”

Nicki Minaj correctly summarizing how dreamy Simon Cowell is.

I’m not going to pretend like I understand it, but Simon really is one fine piece, isn’t he?  And I don’t listen to Nicki’s music (I’m far too busy listening to Ziggy Stardust for the millionth time, and also yesterday I got another Magnetic Fields album because it’s ’99 and I’m too hip to live), but I can’t deny how overwhelmingly awesome she is.  Can we get a New Couple Alert up on these two?  Can someone get to matchmakin’ please?