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Rebecca Black: Friday or Die

I think I officially love Rebecca Black.  No April foolin’.

Ok, but Funny or Die is definitely April foolin’ with their new site design and name, Friday or Die, which you can see with a quick check on the site.  There’s a video of Rebecca analyzing the lyrics of “Friday,” and a video of her trying to decide which car seat to take.  She’s a better actor than a singer, which obviously isn’t saying much, but come on, she’s pretty adorable.  I love it when celebrities seem to be in on the joke, even with they’re the joke, don’t you?  There’s just something so endearing about little Rebecca Black when she’s making fun of herself and not screeching the days of the week, and I love her for it.

Happy Black Friday, everyone!

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  • I like her too and I also really admire her courage. If I had to deal with such criticism back when I was her age, I would’ve just crumbed up and never left my house again!

  • That girl has has spunk and talent….

    But she makes me smile too much…

    Only because I am too stoned.

    She has guts. But does she have heart?

  • Shes ok
    but her video sucks
    miaw :D
    I respect her courage though
    and I spit on her voice
    I admire her childishness
    and I pressed the dislike button 2million times :D
    … and fck those two nigga Fags who won ark musik
    ark musik = EPIC EXPLOITATION FAIL !!!
    rebecca should transfer to a new company :D