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Was Spencer Pratt ‘Critically Injured’ in a UK Hiking Incident?

picture of spencer pratt on a stretcher injured injuries photos

I know a lot of you are probably all like ‘Who the fuck cares?’ but I’m actually wondering if this is more of a publicity stunt than anything. A story came up in one of my RSS feeds today, claiming that Spencer Pratt was injured in a hiking accident in Wales this past week, and is in critical condition. The article alludes to head injuries, comas, and the possibility of death. It even shows a blurry photo of a man on a stretcher that may, or may not, be Spencer Pratt.

However? When I investigated this further – checked out some of the major newspapers in both the UK and the US, asked around to some of my sources, no other information came up. Like, at all.

The source of the story states that Pratt suffered severe injuries after a fall, and though he was found quickly, his condition remains very unstable. The report also insinuated that Heidi Montag fell, too, and was injured in the accident.

So, I don’t know. I guess I’m not going to hold my breath on this one, because it could pan out to be nothing more than a rumor, an elaborate scheme on Spencer and Heidi’s part to pull their names back into the spotlight, or the third option, that it’s true. I mean, bear in mind, today IS April Fool’s Day after all.

What do you guys think?

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