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Katy Perry and Her Alien Crap is Just Bizarre

So, I’m sure you guys heard the song a fucking-bajillion times already, but this is the video for Katy Perry‘s new single, E.T., which features Kanye West.

The song itself isn’t horrible (I mean, I listened to it once, and I plan to, like, not do that again), but the video? Is just plain weird. I mean, is it Independence Day? Is it Wall-E? Is she kissing a black man-alien? Because you just KNOW that the Reverend Mama Perry is probably against interracial dating, too, right along with being against other insane things like boobs, dancing, dem gayz, and soda.

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  • I personally like the video. It’d different from all the sexualized music videos out there now, and it gets better as it goes on. The make up is really cool to and it’s good to see and artist expanding their horizons. I’d give it an A-

  • there’s something low-quality and aesthetically diminished about this video. poor, poor choices.

    • wow dude, reading context fail. do try your best to rationalize what someones saying before you add your two cents that don’t add up to much. the “black comment” was clearly in regards to katy perry’s overly-religious mother who doesn’t believe in gay marriage, doesnt approve of katy perry’s boobs and more than likely is one of those nuts that doesn’t think its right for races to intermingle.

      try not to be so dumb next time.

  • I like the song (despite hating 99.9% of what Katy Perry does), but the video is just….boring. NOTHING happens – she floats around in space, Kanye floats around in space, and then kisses a guy in the end.

    I thought she was going to go for something more edgy, because her candy land shtick was getting redundant, but she just ended up with nothing happening while wearing costumes and floating.

  • The last 20 seconds of the video made me suddenly realize, I can never regain those 4 minutes of my life. Oh dear….literally.

  • man, her music is so banal. lowest common denominator auto-tuned crap.

    i like how she pretends to be all virginal in the press, yet sings about probing.

  • Umm. There was no substance. Kanye’s lines were lame and obvious, he thinks he’s so smart. I like teenage dream, KP is just being KP at her best. Bouncy and happy and sexy and fun, this is just weird. and bad. and dumb. and weird.