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The Courteney Cox Nipslip Fills Me With the Urge to Engage in Absurd, Gleeful Cackling and Clapping

photo of courteney cox nipslip ocean swimming recent pictures

Absurdity? Generally, I’m all about it. I have a flair for the absurd, just ask anyone who knows me personally. I’m the type of chick who’ll go grocery shopping, alone or even with another person, and will make animal noises throughout the empty aisles to see the reactions of the other shoppers in the other aisles. Loud, inappropriate noises at random times are, like, the best.

The only thing that really tops that? When you get candid shots of half-naked celebrities in your inbox first thing in the morning.

Here’s Courteney Cox, on her Platonic Friend Vacation Tour with the younger, way more attractive than David Arquette-dude that she works with, who she is TOTALLY not banging, right?

Ready? Set? BOOB.

photo of courteney cox nipslip recent pictures

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