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Quotables: Courteney Cox Talks About Her Divorce and Dating

photo of courteney cox for harper's bazaar pictures

“I have no desire right now. I’m not saying never; it just seems weird. I don’t even know how that would happen or how you meet people. I don’t like to go out. I’m not great at small talk … I don’t like to go to parties.”

I guess she’s getting a divorce. Though she doesn’t really come out and SAY it, she intimates it by talking about a possible dating life down the road, and generally speaking, you don’t go and reenter the dating pool without having been divorced. I don’t know. Usually, I guess. But we’re talking about David Arquette here – the man’s an overgrown child. Maybe an on-the-side fling is EXACTLY what they both need. Then Courteney can bring home a real man, show David what it’s like to be a big boy, new dude can act like his father, and the three of them could get into some kind of crazy, sexy role-playing business.

Or not, who knows.

We’ll see.