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Katy Perry’s Parents Are Ashamed of Her

I posted awhile back about how Katy Perry’s parents are both Christian preachers, and how she originally sang Christian music. I guess I just assumed her parents understood that she was using a persona to pursue a career, but I assumed wrong. They’re steaming mad. Says her mother, Mary Hudson, about her hit song, “I Kissed a Girl:”

I hate the song. It clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting. Katy knows how I feel. We are a very outspoken family and she knows how disappointed her father and I are. I can’t even listen to that song. The first time I heard it I was in total shock. When it comes on the radio I bow my head and pray … Katy is our daughter and we love her but we strongly disagree with how she is conducting herself at the moment. We cannot cut her out of our lives as she is our child but she knows we disagree strongly with what she is doing and the message she is promoting regarding homosexuality which the Bible clearly states is a sin. But the Bible also promotes understanding and forgiveness, which I keep reminding myself. Katy is not a homosexual but I fear she has been led astray by the Hollywood crowd. I pray all the time that God will work through her and help her find salvation.

Ugh. The God I believe in is already working through Katy by helping to make girls kissing girls just a little less taboo. But everyone’s entitled to his or her own God, and I will pray for Mary Hudson, and hope that she doesn’t have to live out the rest of her life harboring such hatred for her fellow human beings based on something as trivial as their sexual preferences. It must be a frustrating and spiritually exhausting way to exist. I’m sorry you have to go through life like that, Mary Hudson.

As for Katy’s opinion on her parents?

“I stopped trying to change them at 21,” she says.

Amen, sister.

Thanks Laura!

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  • Come on, you gotta feel bad for them a little bit.
    I’m the biggest atheist I know and I still have a little sympathy that their daughter would go in a complete opposite direction when it comes to topics, regardless of who you think has the “wrong” opinions, it’s got to be a tough thing for them to accept coming from their own child.

  • Think of how many more lesbians we’d have if… ahhh well…
    Plus, if everyone stayed with what they grew up with, we’d have a lot cloned people with no unique personalities!!!!

    “You have to all be individuals!”
    …and the masses respond in unison: “We are, all individuals!”

    Life of Brian

  • I love the shoes she’s wearing!

    Reply to V:

    Or a tough thing for her to go through with her own parents!

    I just can’t understand how people can judge a person based off something that shouldn’t even matter. I don’t get it. What’s so wrong about it? Besides the fact that the Bible says its “wrong”. Who wrote the Bible anyway? Who are WE to judge other people? And doesn’t the Bible also state that WE should not be the ones to judge, but god must be the one to judge?

    so shut your freaking mouths and let god “judge” all he wants.
    People like that sicken me, I have no respect at all for them.

  • Shame for her…. imagine having folks like THAT for the rest of your life…. Well done Katie too not letting them tell you who you are! You gotta fight for your right party girl!!

  • Not a preference. good point, but most of us are born that way and it’s not a sexual preference. seriously, who would CHOOSE to have 1/2 of the entire united states hate you?

  • Sure if I was a preacher, I wouldn’t mind my daughter dressed up looking like a movie slut running around in what used to be underwear. >Even if I wasn’t a preacher I might mind my daughter running around looking like that in public. But we are all fame-whore supporters in here, so I guess it is cool.

    The song is a desperate gimmick to get some fame, and guess what, it worked! Ever since high school when girls insisted on going to the bathroom together, I figured out they were all Lesbians at the core of them. What do they do in there together? After pissing and defecating together, kissing is a relief.

  • my in-laws are evangelical christians. while they aren’t as bad as some their church is riddled with judgmental and hateful people. they think they are behaving as christ would want them to. yeah, well, bullshit. before my husband (who will have nothing to do with this part of his upbringing) and i were married and living “in sin” we were treated in a very similar manner. i was beyond pissed for a long time but i eventually came to the conclusion that they are afraid of thinking for themselves. the fun part now is redirecting my kids from the crap they hear from my in-laws. i won’t be raising hate-mongering “christians”, not on my watch. it’s about tolerance and respect. as long as your choices aren’t intended to hurt another person then they’re none of my business. THAT is a family value.

    ok, i am off my soapbox now.

  • Bec: Part of my family is the EXACT same way. I wasn’t raised in an Evangelical Christian household but I have some aunts her hate everyone. In fact, my cousin, who is Evangelical Christian had a “segregated” wedding where all the African Americans sat at their own table in the back and her father did a toast that made fun of my gay uncle who wasn’t even present.

    They make me mad when they think that they have the key to heaven even though I have seen them do horrible stuff to people.

  • I would just like to point out to the world, that we, as devout Christians, are not all that judgemental and self righteous.

  • Umm….yeaaah…show me where she says that she hates homosexuals (which is actually not a good term among gays).

  • Against God? The woman should read the bible, because she lives against God! Jesus said that the Gospel should only be taught by men. For Katy’s mom to be a preacher, she had to modernize the bible to fit her ideals and wants. You cannot pick and choose what is okay to change, and what must stay the same.

    Sorry, women preachers bashing homosexuals REALLY piss me off!

  • I haven’t met a “Christian” who hasn’t judge me, my boyfriends aunt told me to my face that my boyfriend and I are living in sin because of our living arrangements. You know what? SHE HAD A KID AT 16 OUT OF WEDLOCK! Who is she to judge me, at least I know how to shove a nuvaring up my vag so I don’t COMPLETELY fuck up my life. She was “saved” though, so that makes her special. This crazy women decided to home school her kids, tell them Darwin was a crock of shit and now they all have stutters and can’t say there S’s because this bitch was so busy telling them the world is going to hell that she forgot to teach them anything else. Crazy bitch. That is when I decided I will never take my children to church until they are at the age to choose the church they want to go to. I will give them all the information they want to choose a church (if they choose) but never will I push them as some crazy people do. Rant over.

  • this song has been donnnne. 1995 called; they want their GRRRRRRL power back. Move on, now. Or Girls kick ass stickers too.

  • M is so right!!! i was thinking the same thing. i have heard so-called christians spew hate speach and this lady did NOT do that. she expressed her belief but said she was not cutting her daughter out of her life and still loved her. she actually mentions understanding and forgiveness, which are noticably absent philosophies from hate-mongers. you totally pulled a perez on this one, beet. sorry to have to point it out.

  • sounds like Kate Perry’s mom wants to be kissed by a girl… but MISSED THE BOAT!!

    O well, bitch… next life time. And this life time… she’s just gonna be a hater.

    In the great poet of Mary J. Blige- NO HATER-RATION!


  • so only christians are this way? no other religion would feel this way? just good, ol boy white christian men, huh? oh, and their subservient women too???!

  • I agree with Mary Hudson. But then again I think the song is the worst thing to happen to music in years. It’s absolutely god awful and not even remotely entertaining. It’s doing NOTHING to change the taboo about kissing girls… it’s all about getting fame in a cheap way.

  • as a christian one of the most frustrating things for me is when i see other christians spouting hate in the name of God. a lot of people talk the christian talk, but don’t know the first thing about walking the walk.
    it is incredibly frustrating to be lumped in a group with them. i’ve never met their God and really don’t care to ever.

    we attend a traditional church but i have been told by my husband’s ex-wife and step daughter that i am not a christian and i will be going to hell. my husband refuses to go to church because of these types of people, even though he believes in Jesus’ teaching. do i argue with my step daughter, no, that wouldn’t do any good. i won’t change her and katy and her parents won’t change each other either.

    so please don’t continue to lump all christians together. many of us are truly saddened that our religion has been hijacked with people with political agendas that take portions of the Bible out of context and use it to promote hatred.


  • katy perry is an embarassment to christians, atheists, gays and straights alike. she is so shitty and fake..
    why would it be better if her parents accepted that she’s “using a persona to pursue a career”? if she was at least geniune, then maybe she could bring some sort of good to the world.

  • you said it, “woohoo”! im going to do that to my kids now. that ladys a total physco bitch, and needs to stop protecting her wittle babys so that when they’re on their own they wont be terrified of the world and be total squares.

    i had people who say homosexuality is a sin. total bullshit. it makes me so mad that people could actually think that, while also believe in peace and free love and all that stuff.

    i cant wait till im 18, when i can cross over to the baptist church or a religion that accepts people as they are and get out of this hypocritical strict boring catholic church.

  • Joan and jemms- I totally agree with you both. Funny isn’t it – a Christian is supposed to accept everyone else as they are but as soon as one opens their mouth to give their opinion, they’re attacked for THEIR beliefs. Ironic isn’t it? The very ones who scream the loudest about acceptance are the least tolerant people in the world. Her mother wasn’t spewing hate language- she wasn’t the one saying
    f*ck you nor was she calling anyone a b*tch. She never said she hated anyone- she said she hated a SONG. Whether or not a person wants to admit it, we ALL judge other people in one way or another. It seems it’s only Christians who are wrong for having their own beliefs and opinions. And I truly believe when people react so strongly it’s because they know they’re wrong but it’s just so darned cool to be different. Sad thing is the more they try to be different, the more they’re all the same.

    The bible says that God hates SIN but loves the sinner. As a Christian person, I believe you have the right to choose your own path in life- right or wrong- but in the end, we all pay for the choices we make.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Beet, I will never stop praising you for making a statement for people who are diffrent from the main stream public in regard to their sexual preference, race, ethnicity or gender. It is refreshing to know that someone else shares my same point of view.

  • People seem to forget, or not even REALIZE, that her song isn’t about homosexuality. She’s talking about how she hopes her boyfriend doesn’t mind, for god’s sake. It’s a girl at a party kissing another chick because she’s drunk off her ass. Which is dumb, but whatever.

  • @tp vero: newsflash! women don’t exactly piss and defecate together. i mean, we do have stalls, unlike men’s rooms where you all stand around looking at each other’s dicks while you pee. so what does that make you?

  • I saw absolutely NO hatred in the mother’s comment. I saw sorrow, and I saw hope for her daughter. I also saw love, since the act of praying for someone is a loving unselfish act.,…A TRUE Christian does not have hatred toward anyone just because they differ in their lifestyle and beleifs. Things are not so black/white as all that. Allow everyone, even Christians, their own opinions without slapping that old tired label on them….I am a Christian, have Gay friends and family whom I love very much. I don’t agree with their lifestyles, but I would fight to protect their rights to choose their own way.I also pray for them, and want to keep them in my life….It’s called M.A.T.U.R.I.T.Y.

  • I am praying for all of you. I am not perfect but I am saved and forgiven. I pray each and every one of you comes to know Jesus personally and will ask Him into your heart and ask Him to save your souls and show you THE WAY! I don’t judge, I just know that God is a loving, forgiving God, but He is also a jealous God and expects us to worship Him and OBEY His commandments. ’nuff said.

  • okay i’ll take this one on. dee, i appreciate your prayers but i encourage you to re-read your post and consider the condescension with which your prayers are given.

    i too have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. i accept that HIS words are truth and that truth will set me free. in the Bible, the most common scriptures that are cited by people with regard to homosexuality were written by paul. paul was an amazing man, but just that, a man. he, unlike Christ, was fallible.

    christ was absolutely silent on the topic of homosexuality. however, he was very specific about how we should treat our fellow man.

    1. love your God with your whole heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. these are the only 2 commands that Jesus gave.
    which ,imho, in their zeal to follow paul’s words many christians completely disobey jesus’.

    even if one believes that homosexuality is a sin, Jesus was pretty specific about how we are supposed to handle that too.

    1. let anyone who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    2. hate the sin, love the sinner.
    3. before taking the splinter out of your brother’s eye, first take the plank out of yours.
    4. turn the other cheek
    5. judge not lest ye be judged.
    6. and yes, pray for your enemies.

    forgiveness is essentially for the one granting it not the offender, to keep us from becoming embittered. all of Christ’s teachings are centered on the priciples of love and forgiveness because he wants us to be happy.

    in short, christians should first and foremost meditate upon, internalize and act upon the words of Jesus. if we were to act upon his teachings and showed the joy that we have found in our personal relationships with him more people would be inspired to get to know Him.

    lecturing, censoring and spewing hatred at “sinners” will only serve to force people away.

    but, really, thank you again for your prayers. i’ll pray for you too.

  • Christians don’t hate homosexuals. Have you ever heard a christian say that they hate a homosexual? I sure haven’t. I have only heard them say that they hate the sin of homosexuality, but we continue to pray for them to realize the error of their ways, out of love for the person, confess to Jesus and accept His forgivness. Thanks for your understanding :)

  • I happen to know Katys mother personally and know that she is not judgmental , or hateful towards anyone, Whether they be gay, or straight. I also happen to know that she is one of the most kind and caring person that you could ever meet. And i feel bad for the people that have judged her for taking a stand for the truth. I also know her Daughter was never raised or taught to promote this kind of singing or lifestyle. Katy knows the truth in what she is doing, and I am convinced that within time that she will come to the knowledge of the truth and do the right thing.People have their standard according to what they think and God has his.

  • i am not saying that christians are all hate spewing people, nor am i saying that katy perry’s mother is a bad person, and she may not dislike gay people, but she is being a little closed minded by expecting them to change. praying for someone to become straight is just like saying it is wrong to be gay and it isn’t. i do like the song and i think it does show the conflicting emotions some people confused about sexuality might feel, but that is just my opinion. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i respect katy’s mother’s opinion even if i do not agree with it. i do however admire the fact that her mother still loves katy and wants to keep her in her life even though katy is going against her mother’s beliefs. not everyone is mature enough to do this. anyway i am not trying to say any one is wrong, these are my opinions, i could be wrong too. good day to all. :-D

  • Ok, I think there is nothing wrong with what she wears even being so short. If she wants to go around nude she should be able to without people complaining about her being a “hor.” What’s wrong with showing off your body??

  • Hey, I love God and I totally agree with her parents. I mean, what a joke to first sing a beautiful christian album and then sing “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

    I love katy perry as much as the next guy, but she’s really confused


  • I would like to say that the majority of the so called “christians and the like faiths” are all evil. THey think they are better than you, try to make you believe in what they believe, and try to tell you that you are going to hell b/c of such and such and this and that. They go to church b/c they are unable to think for themselves and come up with their own reasoning for this or that. I guarentee they can’t give you an origional answer to any question without referring to the Bible. They know how adam and eve were created but they don’t know how the world was populated after that. If adam and eve were real than they would have had to have insest in order to populate the world, and by the way insest is a sin. One more thing the bible was re-written over 300 times by Queen Victoria. Just think about that when you say God wrote the bible. Email me at if you have an issue with this! I like hearing ignorant thoughts that no one can come up with on their own.

  • Elliot is a total dummy….the bible written over 300times, so don’t read the bible??….why not just take it back to the original Greek version silly boy, instead of reading the edited versions???. You complain about other people and their religion so much why don’t you look at yourself and judge your own actions before attacking everyone else. And for all the other sad little people that don’t feel welcome in a religion or want to create a religion or pray to whatever god(s) you have or want; get a life, and let others live like you proclaim to want to live your life without bashing. Your bashing of other people can be taken elsewhere or just keep it in your little head, because no one cares about what you have to say. Live your life and stop hating.

  • i totally agree with her parents there is something wrong with promoting the wrong choices animals are dumber then us humans but even they know better not to be homosexuals not only that there not the ones who destroy and polltue the earth its us were all sick in the head obviously we are going against nature becasue if we followed nature we would not be gay and the earth would be a better place thats why the animals were fine before we came and fcuked shit up and if men were ment to be with men and visa versa then a man and amn would be able to make a baby but since they can’t we are going against nature how can one argue with that? homosexuality is a disease but since it dosen’t hurt us people choose to accept it which is sick i don’t see people choosing to accept downs syndrom or autism no they try to find a cure but why are they not finding the cure for homosexuals??? what is wrong with people??

  • good god she is da best and her parents have got to see that. Surly she can sing about what she wants to sing about

  • Alright enough bullshit. This forum probably isn’t the best place to make this point, but whatever, im just gonna say it. Aside from any moral complaints or religious complaints about homosexuality, lets bring it back to simple even athiestic biology. Its un-natural. Plain and simple. Love even, is un-natural, its an invention of the human mind to put some attachment to the other organsim they are trying to reproduce with. Homosexuality cannot be made universal, therefore it is illogical. If everyone was homosexual the human race would cease to exist.
    Animals, ALL ANIMALS, are driven simply to reproduce. That is what sexuality AT ALL comes from. And we humans with our minds allowing us to be above that of a simple animal can direct our sexuality at whatever we want: the opposite sex, the same sex, feet, leather, a table if you really want to, it doesnt matter. This is where fetishes are derived from. So yes we can be sexually attracted to the same sex, and even love them, but that doesn’t make it natural.
    Not even trying to say its evil, but merely that its pointless. The chemicals and pharomones created by the 2 different genders cant be made by the other, the feeling created between a man and woman can’t be equaled, it was fate.

  • I’m friends with Katy’s brother, David, and his parents aren’t as bad as this story has made them out to be.
    As for anonymous, wtf? There are over 400 species of animals that have some form of bi or homosexuality. So that does make it natural. Just because some wacky notion makes sense to your stunted brain doesn’t make it correct.

  • What a ridiculously discussion. She´s just another clever bitch who want to make money with another stupid song that called attention in bored out world.


  • My GOD!!! that woman needs to come to terms with today’s sociaty. She just needs to realize, that the bible isn’t always right, and there are a few things that may need to be changed, for now-a-days. Wow, even with how open our sociaty is today, there are still some people who still have ‘blind spots’ because of there beliefs, sad case.

    • Jamie, learn how to spell…maybe if you graduated from the 2nd grade you might know that society is spelled just that way…if you learn how to spell…maybe we could all understand your invalid and unintelligent opinion. Maybe…you have the blind spot because of your belief and remember you are not always right…I think I would trust the Bible which has withstood the test of time over your 2nd grade level intelligence…I rest my case…

      • you do realize the bible was written 300 years after the death of christ and by a group of men bent on solidifying the power of emperor constantine, which claimed homosexuality a sin because it was somewhat practiced by the romans… who did lay out the foundations for the republic in which we live now
        the bible should not be taken literally, but as a metaphor for the story of man, after all, we are all god’s children and god’s love does not discriminate
        so take your sunday school education and throw it out, and take some real history classes to learn about the history of christianity from an unbiased view…
        p.s. i realize that i am not capitalizing what i am supposed to, i’m just lazy right now, so find something else to criticize

      • You do realize that the Pentateuch (first five books) in the “BIBLE” was written well before 300 years after Christ. The Pentateuch of the Old Testament dates back to actually before 1446 B.C. (Before Christ). That is 3,456 years ago to be exact. Also, it has been found that the New Testaments last book was tallied at only 95 years into our dating of AD. the New Testament and the Old Testament were combined in 97 AD. the Canonization of what books should be entered and excluded into the Bible that we read today was 325 AD and did not differ from the Last Apostles’ (The Apostle John).

        Now the New Testament was finished in 96 AD with Revelations or the Apocrypha. All of the other books were much earlier = 20 years + from the time of Christ Sacrifice.

        Education is a great thing. You should look into it. You history teacher wasn’t honest with you or for that matter “Unbiased”.
        Sunday school has nothing to do with it. it is the Word John 1:1 and 14 that says it in plain English. “The Word was that that Created us…. and dwelt among us…” to feel our pain and see if WE were worthy of the grace that He was about to bestow upon us.

        It amazes me ….No is disappoints me that there are so many people that cannot jsut read for themselves the word of God and want to attack it. the Bible is the WORD OF GOD and it might not be for you…but it is still the word of God. Find out why.

        Loves Use all. Even the lesos. BTW I am a lezo.

        Just a Man that likes Woman.

      • LOLOLOLOLOL. Okay. Now that I got that out. And this topic is ye olde.

        “The bible has withstood the test of time over your 2nd grade level intelligence…I rest my case.”

        So it withstood an 8 year old (No I didn’t do the math, I don’t even know if that’s how old they are.) Seriously, you believe it hasn’t changed? Do some reasearch, figure out what the Catholics have added. Look up the Dead Sea Scrolls. Compare them to the King James version (That is the Catholic’s bible of choice isn’t it????) Needless to say, the variations in them can be drastic in some spots. With that being said the “Core” message of “the bible” is the same, but the little details like what is good and wrong, those could easily have been fuddled and messed up.

        So I end with this:
        You sir, are a troll.

      • uhhh…..well tell me then, have you compared the dead sea scrolls with the King James version yourself then? What a grand statement to make for someone that obviously doesnt really possess much knowledge on the origins of the bible, if they do not know the ‘catholic’s choice of bible’. (by the way, what the heck does that even mean? ‘choice of bible’….think about it…It’s all the same bible, its just that when they were translated from greek to english to modern english….it read slightly differently. And when i say slightly…i mean, as in say 2Corinthians 5:17 for example…

        (just an example by the way….check yourself, if you really wanted to know, all youd have to do is pick up two different bible translations and compare them. There will be minor differences in syntax and the adjectives used, but they mean the same thing. And you are right, sometimes little details do vary. But what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ is hardly a little detail….I think you’ll find that the ALL TRANSLATIONS of the bible are pretty clear on what is right and what is wrong. The ten commandments, which are pretty much fundamental, dont change.)

        so: 2Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)
        Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!

        Kings James Version: 2Corinthians 5:17
        Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new!

        You may say, yeh but thats just one verse and one translation.
        Well, give me any section of the bible you think contradicts with other translations. And im sure there is an explanation, or when deeply explored you find it does in fact mean the same thing. I honestly challenge anyone, to find significant fault in the reliability of the translations of the bible from the original writings…

      • Really, I am upset by everything I have read hear. First off, the writer of this blog said that Katy Perry’s mother has hatred for homosexuals. Where did she ever say that? She never claimed to hate homosexuals. Ask yourself this, is it possible to love someone but hate what they are doing? I think so. And if you cannot then, it is clearly your limited growth than anything else. I think Mrs. Hudson still loves the homosexual but cannot stand what he/she does. I have a gay brother who I desperately love. We talk all the time and we treat each other with great love and respect. But he knows exactly how I feel. Furthermore, I believe there are gays, murderers, liars and adulterers in Heaven. Of course, the Bible makes it clear that they were formerly these things but because of the manifold grace of God they are now partakers of the gift of salvation. And to the commenter who thinks he’s an historian and that the Bible was written 300 years after the death of Christ… First of all the books of the Old Testament are all clearly older than when Jesus walked the earth. Further, the last book of the New Testament was finished before the end of the 1st Century AD, by an eyewitness of Christ. No genuine historian whether Christian or not debates that these books are before the end of the 1st century. Do not be fooled.

  • our flesh rots – the world and its desire is produced – whoever lives by the eternal Word of God shall live forever

    God is with us – His Son – His Word – His Holy Spirit – His saints – where is our faith in Him, our thirst for Him, our humility in front of Him, when we doubt Him, His power, His wisdom, His perfection & His agape?

    do not be fooled by perishable man-centered systems – those who reject Jesus, the Messiah, have not seen the other one to whom they grant access to their being

    heresies have become so many, separated from the true church and right worship founded by Christ, the true vine, and passed from generation to generation through the guidance & revelation of the Holy Spirit – heresies spread like thorns among the hay and turn the hay bad too

    Woe to those who settle in the dark – Woe, for it won’t be long to taste the fruits of their investments – the consequences of choices are not necessarily immediate – how more in relevance to the gospel of God’s Kingdom.

    I’m dead – a nobody – yet, in Christ, I am – I live.

    So, please children, fast, pray, study His Word, do good works, go to church, all for Him, our Father, in Faith and in Spirit. Seek for Him. Ask for Him. Do not let the evil one disguise as God in your hearts. Depart from this manmade decaying loop. Depart from the old unholy life. Depart from the old unholy self. Be reborn by God’s Holy Spirit. Be holy for He is Holy. His light is endless & unbuilt. Follow Him.

    • How did this become a religious conversation? Reading this article i felt like everyone has the liberty, freedom, and choice to do what they choose and what’s right for them. For Katy’s mother, it seems the right thing for her to do is trust in god to get through things. For Katy it seems, being an artist and speaking about what she feels like is what’s right for her.

  • Well, it´s her life and her choice but persons like K.Perry confirm me once again. Ex-Christians are doing things even worst than non believers. See Matthew 12; 43-45


  • I think: all guys can do what they want, but they have to think about alle what they do… sorry… my english is not good…

  • To be honest, I love Katy Perry. I think her music is great.
    I’m a Christian and sure, her debut single probably wasn’t the greatest of choices, but give the girl a break! Not all her songs are promoting homosexuality! It just happens that maybe once, she kissed a girl and liked it.

  • i think people should do whatever makes them happy, if u want to be gay, or straight, or are in the mood for kissing girls SO WHAT!? If ur attitude doesn’t change me, or bother me it’s the exact same bullshit.
    Being completely corny… its all ’bout love. It isn’t about religion, or sexual choices…
    And it’s a fuckin song for god saaaaaaake.
    oh Katy perry…Love her voice (L)

  • Firstly, as a lesbian I find her lyrics homophobic. “it’s not what good girls do”. “hope my boyfriend don’t mind it” “you’re my experimental game”. HORRID. Pretty much the song is about a girl experimenting on hopefully just another experimenting girl, cause come on…if the girl shes kissing is a real lesbian that poor thing may get her heart broken by a girl wanting to “experiment”.

    Obviously her own parents did not take the time to listen to the actual lyrics. They brainwashed her anyway with their religious hateful dribble.

    • Can you give an example of “hateful dribble” (sic)? Do you feel that someone hates you because they believe differently than you? So if a person opposes homosexual behavior due to her religious beliefs she is hateful, ignorant and brainwashed…. But someone who engages in homosexual behavior is somehow enlightened and has “come to terms with today’s society.”

      The idea of seeking validation for one’s self-gratifying acts comes to mind. It seems there is more hate on the other side…

  • Oh, Come on!!!!
    I am christian but I dont care.I mean Relax a little bit.
    There are so much lesbians and why would you say: ” No you can’t love each other because its now where your’e made for.

  • Dude, Katy Perry’s music is cool and all but she’s really lost. She’s freakin beautiful but what does that even mean when you act and dress like a hooker? I admire the fact her for not wanting to be like her parents. I don’t think she realizes she can be a Christian AND be herself. She doesn’t have to be a judgemental Christian. Hell, I’m not. I have a gay friend who wants to be a youth pastor. He prays for forgiveness every time he lusts after a guy just like we should for lusting over a woman.

    I’d date her, if she knew that she could be a Christian without being her mother.

    @ the hater-Christians, thanks for ruining peoples’ lives cuz that’s exactly what Jesus did right?

    @ atheists and agnostics, being a Christian is actually about love, chillin, and hangin with your friends. We need more “real” Christians in the world. That doesn’t mean you have to read the bible everyday or go to church. That means realize you’re a sinner just like everyone on this planet and ask Jesus to cover it. It means show love to everyone in your own way. A church is a “hospital for sinners, not a house for saints.” Realize that if a person at church has ever hurt your feelings. They were probably beat as a child, you never know.

  • If I was Katy Perry’s parents I’d be proud that she’s made it big. But nah instead they choose to be ungrateful pieces of trash!

  • That’s just a song. xD
    it’s not because she wrote who said that she kissed a girl that she’s homosexual. If her mother only base herself on the bible I think she’ll turn crazy x)

  • Soooo…. The Bible does not promote hating homosexuals, it just states it as a sin. We are called to love, that is something alot of people don’t understand. Yeah there are some crazy wacko people that say “Gay people are going to hell”, but really everyone who sin’s is going to hell without Jesus. Homo-sexuality isn’t considered more of a sin then stealing a quarter from someone. Sin is Sin. Love the sinner, hate the sin. That’s what Christians are called to do.

    Only Jesus Christ can save people from there sin.

    • I don’t think that “Sin is Sin”. Murdering someone and taking a quarter are NOT the same. By murdering someone you are taking away their life. That is not something you can give back. By killing someone you are in a way taking on the role of God, deciding who lives and who dies. That is no mortal person’s job, no man should even think about that. As a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints i believe that there are such things as unforgivable sins. Murder is one of them. You cannot give that person their life back. You can always give the quarter back to the person you took it from.

  • Hi Katy:

    To be sure, I like this girl, her songs are pretty fancy for this age but not enough for me because I Love Rock like 70’s music, I would like to be a good friend of you!

  • Quote: “But everyone’s entitled to his or her own God, and I will pray for Mary Hudson, and hope that she doesn’t have to live out the rest of her life harboring such hatred for her fellow human beings based on something as trivial as their sexual preferences.”

    Yo, Katy’s mom never said she hated anyone but whoever wrote this blog decided to they had the authority to tell her how she feels. She never said that.

  • Her Mum Is Catholic And I Respect That But Seriously Thats Why We Have Wars Its Idiotic Stupid And God Isnt Even real I Mean Seriously If God Is Real
    How Do You Know What He Looks Like ? YA DONT
    How Would You Know All These Stories? SOMEONE MADE THEM UP
    Its Kind Of Ovious That Any Kind Of God Isnt Real And No I Dont Know How To Spell Ovious lol So Stop Beliving Only Belive What You Can See Use Your Common Sense

    • Hey Kitty,

      That was kind of mean what u said about God not being real and all. Santa is not real but would u like if u were 5 and someone told that? And even if God is not real it does not matter. God and heaven give people hope. People want to know that there’s a place after death were they will see there family and pets that have died. People like to think that there’s someone out there that’s watching over them and keeping them safe. I would really like to know what kind of person u r. Did ur family never love u so u have nothing to look forward to after ur time is up in this life or what. And on the Katy Perry thing I think her moms crazy and needs to shut up!

    • If we only believe what we see, then I don’t believe that the first president of the US was George Washington. ONLY BELIEVE WHAT YOU CAN SEE, right? Then you should not believe that there is a brain in your head, you can’t see it. Not that is common sense. Wake up.

  • Read that Girls Kitty’s comment! How dare she say God isnt real! Who is with me when i say that everyone has their own personal religions and relationships!!! I have a personal relationship with god when i talk to him i feel a calming spirit inside me and i know for some reason that everythimg will be all right!! and it says in the bible that God only appears as say a flaming bush or in dreams and visions because he is soo great and wonderful that you would be blinded by his greatness!! You kitty use your own commen sense by not saying comments like that that most certainly offend someones religion! I’m not trying to enforse religion or christianity or whatever on any one but know that most people have their religions which they choose and greatly cherish! you should respect that! i think that katy perry went a bit over board with her songs but that is what she has chosen to write and that is her choice plus the songs are really quite good!!

    Think before you Comment!!!

  • everyone has there opions about things. we should all just realize that and stop fighting eachother. i too feel that katy perry might be lost right now and is trying to find out who she really is without being told who she is.

    • I guess that’s a nice statement isn’t it?

      “everyone has there opions about things. we should all justt realize that and stop fighting eachother. ”

      You hear it a lot, people say it a lot, people wish it a lot. Shame it’s kind of like communism, it doesn’t really work. Because we’re all living in the same world, and in case you haven’t notice…every single thing you’ve ever done in your life will in some way affect other people. Whether directly, or indirectly through the effect it first had on yourself….

  • hey “Whats Your problem” i totally get where youre coming from, i live my life for God. ive seen heard & experienced unexplicable miracles and i know in my heart God is real.
    However we cant expect people like “Kitty” to get the way He works. She has to come to peace with it on her own terms if ever she is blessed enough to see the light through clouded eyes. all we can do is set an example. As for this whole overblown situation, the way i see it…Katy has a right to sing about what she chooses. I feel bad though that i dont believe that song was something she chose. Not because its about kissing a girl, but because she went from singing about faith and God to expirementing making out with a girl while she was in a relationship with a guy…
    i do however think the mom overreacted

  • i haTe KATY PERRY !!!!
    she say ” ToKio Hotel is GAY ” !
    ohh nnnooo !!!
    They are not GAY!
    she is Les.
    are we telling something ?
    no !
    Katy is telling something always !
    This is so SHIT!!!!

  • katy perry is lush and a legend.
    the bible is bullshit and so is all religion; ask yourself why Africa is so poor because of cunting catho(lick kids arse crack and spread aids)
    her mum is obviously a selfish prick and should be strillised (dont care about spelling you grammer checking losers)

  • I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Gay people will be gay, straight people will be straight, just move on. The Bible was written many years ago and ever since that time, there have been many translations and changes. I don’t see it as a reliable source of anything. Sure, you can use it to kind of point you in the right direction of things but you have to realize that some things are just ridiculous in there but it shouldn’t be used for anything more than that. According to certain religions, “it’s a sin to be gay.” All I have to say to that is “wow.” There are many people who are just born that way because that’s just how their genes were encoded. They can’t do anything about it. So, does that make them “sinners?” This whole thing about sins is also kind of ridiculous. If there is a higher power in the heavens, then I’m pretty sure all he’d want us to do is be HAPPY! He wouldn’t want us hating or disliking a certain group of people who are just gay. Doesn’t he represent positive things? Well, let’s just say that I know a few people who don’t like certain groups of people and I can easily tell you that they are not living happy lives. So just end this crap, do whatever is right in today’s society, stop “hating” certain groups, and have a happy life!

    p.s. Katy is HOT! :P

    • “I’m pretty sure all he’d want us to do is be HAPPY!”

      Yeh you know youre right….
      and i ask every single one of you to just imagine something….just for one second forget all your preconceived beliefs, and imagine this. IF….
      IF GOD WAS REAL. If God really did create the entire universe. If there is some sort of paralell existence of a heaven and a hell. IF God really does love us. IF God really is all powerful,

      then isn’t it certain that the bible was able to be translated correctly? IF GOD IS REAL and if God was able to create the UNIVERSE, then surely it wouldnt be a problem for him to ensure that the bible was translated correctly after all these years. And most importantly of all, IF GOD DID CREATE US, and if GOD DOES LOVE US, then OBVIOUSLY he knows what is best for us! If God is real, then he deserves to be lived for, by all people. If God is what he says he is, then he knows what will keep us satisfied and content and happy and at peace! So the bible, is God speaking to us. Its his message for the world…

      See the Bible will only be correct if God is real. And God can only be real, if the bible is correct. Its a two way thing. So if you dont believe in God, then i can understand why you couldnt possibly comprehend how anyone could put so much faith in a book. But it’s where the book came from that matters….

  • Katy Perry is a beautiful, strong woman and she dosen’t need the bible to lead her music and life. The bible is a book that onley some of us choose to live under control by the rest of us like me chose to live freely and to lifes fullest.

  • Alright “Cousin It”
    first of all, it is EXTREMELY rare for people to be gay “because their genes were encoded wrong.” You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. There is a real disorder in which some individuals have defective genes so their horomones are messed up and they feel attraction to the wrong gender. This disease pains those who have it. Woul you LIKE it if you couldn’t help but feel an attraction to another girl (if you’re a girl)? NO IT WOULD SUCK!
    so PRETENDING to be gay, like Katy Perry with her ludicrous song, it a kick in the teeth for those with a serious disease that causes them to be homosexual.
    So all of you shut your mouths about sexual preferences and all… homosexuality is unnatural and it’s not the way the Lord designed us. It doesn’t work, nothing comes out of it, and it’s laughing in the faces of some people who can’t help it and it’s actually the way they are.
    sorry if that confused anyone; i don’t like homosexuals as a community- i have gay friends who i love but i do not condone the sin.

  • Hi evrybody! :D i was just searching some photos that title took my attention,i’m Persian & muslim and as same as your chiristianity in my religion it’s a sin to be gay or les … and it has the reason :God has created man & woman to complete each other and to feel calm 2gether… and this happines never never happen in being with same gender! second we should respect the others thoughts… if homosexuality is incresing in the world even between my countryman THE REASON IS ME AND THE PEOPLE LIKE ME !! cause if i think that i’m right i shuld help them to be right but by themselvs not FORCE !!! we are human and it really doesn’t matter 4 me the one i talk to is gay but me myself try to behave and say my idea and toughts and give him the chance to choose …. after all i wish all of u the bests…and sorry if there was some problems in my writing :)

  • LOOL the bible is just a book, we don’t have to live under the control of a book. somethings that bible tell us are rigth but the others are not. people don’t choose who they love, and if they love someone of the same sex, they don’t have to live whole their life unhappy because of a religion. i catholic, but who believe in what bible tell, just have to adapt it to the 21st century.
    i LOVE katy perry .
    kiss ;) @

  • HEY PPL…katy’s mom is right i agree with her all the way and ppl the bible is not just a book…it teaches us from right and wrong and that god is are savior so SHUT UP ALL OF U. KATY”S MOM IS RIGHT and katy perry is so stupid from turning away from god because she did a very bad sin

  • Christians: Adults with imaginary friends.

    Religious arguments in the comment section of a blog, how mature.

  • We shouldn’t write her off. She is a very talented woman who has gone astray like all of us do. But the greatness of God testifies the fact that he is abundant in mercy and that he is willing to forgive anyone and everyone who seeks forgiveness. We must not forget the fact that it only takes a moment for God to change a life around. And honestly speaking one day Katy might realize that she has wronged God and her walking away from him might strengthen her faith in him when she return, just like the prodigal son.

    She has an entire lifetime to be at peace with God. We as children of God should realize that we too are sinners and fall short of the glory of God and it is only by his grace that we are worthy of being called a co-heir of the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.