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Quotables: Charlie Sheen Turns His Kids Over to Police

photo of brooke mueller charlie sheen pictures

“I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom.”

So that, up there? Is why Charlie Sheen no longer has custody of his children, even though he’s going to fight to win them back.  Because, you know, it’s totally normal and not-at-all-insane to threaten your ex-wife, the mother of -some- of your children, with a decapitation.

The kids were removed late last night after courts were informed of a threat against Brooke Mueller, and a restraining order remains in effect against Good Time Charlie and his rants – one that also included stabbing Brooke in the eye with a penknife.

Brooke claims that Charlie is on drugs and ‘currently insane,’ but saying it that way kind of implies that there’s something temporary about it, and I, for one, think that’s BS.

I guess I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, yeah. Charlie Sheen has officially lost his shit, you guys.  And if the above allegations just aren’t enough evidence for y’all, check out the video below.

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  • Tigers blood & Adonis dna notwithstanding, Charlie is a week or two away from being a 5150. The rock star from Mars has gone round the bend…. & Charlie is NO Keith Richards.

      • Only entered 1 dead pool in my life… Picked a few people, took a stab & picked Sonny Bono, imagine my suprise when he died. As luck would have it I know some of the patrollers who found him…. One of them called me & asked if I knew how they found him, I said I had no idea. He replied Sonny-side-up!!!

  • My prediction: after the inevitable relapse back to the magical white powder, which will play out in front of any reporter who has a camera for Sheen to step in front of, he will get contracts for hundreds of millions of dollars. Because, as fucked up as he is, he has that magical thing called “visibility” and tiger blood or not, that means he can be marketable. Sad, but true, eh?

  • I watched the interviews and all I could think of was the movie “Helter Skelter” — all the goofy young girls talking about how great Charlie Manson was. Ewwwww