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Chris Brown Probably Leaked His Own Abuse Photo

photo of chris browns injuries pictures abuse

Remember way back when Chris Brown brutalized Rihanna in his car after some awards ceremony, resulting in an awful, nightmarish fugue of anger and publicity that lasted for, like, three months? And remember how someone from inside the police force or hospital leaked the abuse photos of Rihanna, and after all that, Chris became kind of a joke in the music industry, not to mention, oh, COMPLETELY SUCKING AT LIFE?

Well everyone still remembers, and because new photos of Rihanna from that night have hit the ‘net recently, someone decided that it’d also be a good idea to release a photo of Chris Brown’s ‘horrific’ injuries, which were taken at approximately the same time as Rihanna’s.

I thought the guy was a total douchebag before this photo, but now?  I’m just positive that he’s a complete monster, if there was any lingering doubts from before.

Photo via Media TakeOut

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  • All I see is a little red dot on his upper lip, but that can be taken care of with a chapstick…really, are you that desperate, chris?

  • WAIT WHAT… this photo is “via”??
    good thing you reiterated that because i wouldn’t have noticed without your assistance.

  • ok it’s time for everybody to get a life and move on i see kids at my college fight all the time and nobody says anything, they were kids get over it. i dont trust my 18 yr old at home by his self cause even though they are of legal age does not mean that they know anything about life.

  • Wow ur really ugly Chris,inside an out,but have to say dick pic wud bring tear to glass eye,that is pathetic dude,I wud keep that top secret marked dont touch,like the elephant mans pinky,aaah

  • Domestic abuse should never be “gotten over”. And beating someone like that is not how kids fight. Notice he still sells records because half of America has the memory of a goldfish. I, too, don’t see a mark.

    • Get over it!!! Stop living vicariously through celebs!!! Their pain is not your pain. Domestic abuse that has already been taken care of should be gotten over, unless there’s a pattern. Keep selling records Chris. On that same note I don’t condone a man hitting a woman or vice versa, but it’s over now, time served. So “Becky” handle your own domestic violence, because it sounds like you are reaching out for help.

  • i think this issue shld be dropped,,i dnt condone what chris dd but i think he got the picture,if its not tyra harrasing him than you”ll take position

  • Everybody needs to mind their own biz. Some one should tell rhianna hitters get hit. Its funny how she admits she hit first and no one says anything about it. If you dish it, you gotta be able to take it. And for those who think he is gonna flop, newsflash his record sales are up and he is releasing a new cd that will prob go platinum.

  • That’s one of the most awful and misguided things I have ever read. I bet you think date rape victims deserve it, too.

    • Nah, if a woman says stop, then stop. Sometimes we be playing though. It depends on the mood. I’m just wondering if anyone ever yells the actual words “rape” during that moment. I think that yelling those actual words could put that situation in better perspective. I’m not promoting date rape, and No means No, but I never hear of stories where the lady is screaming “rape” during the action. So ladies if you feel as though you are being forced to have sex, yell raaaaaappppee at the top of your lungs. I’m not saying it’s going to work, but it sounds like it could be a wake up call to the guy just hearing the very words that could define his future.

  • I agree with you @Rena, it’s true that no woman SHOULD be abused, yet NO ONE should believe they are above an ass whooping, there is a reason to hit anybody, what that reason may be is the dilemma, but NO ONE walking this earth, female or not should believe they can do what they want(especially be abusive) and not risk getting abused in return.

  • Yeah he looks so abused. Some of you guys are idiots, he beat the shit out of her.It should not be gotten over and he deserves to never sell another record again. He is a horrblie person. Look at his ass trying to playing victim. Some of you people are so gullabull. He dosn’t deserve to make that kind of money. I will not listen to his songs. Someone needs to beat him like he did her than he can say he was abused, he is a lying sack of shit, that’s all he will ever be. He’s having them take pictures of a little tiny dot what a stupid mother fucker..and for those of you saying she abused him go look at her pictures and then look at his tiny dot with a microscope because that what you need to even really see it.

    • look at all the other people out here doin wrong its not right what chris did but how dare u say that he dont deserve the right to ake a livin how would u feel if someone told u that u couldnt work or take care of ur family because u beat the hell out of someone who was slappin u and wouldnt stop i am not agreeing with what chris did at all but he is a good performer and he writes good songs he making money just like the next rather celebrity or not u still have to live people need to just leave him alone its over he has been reprimanded and everything and it dont make any sense that people harbor more hate for him than they do for a alcoholic beating on his pregnant wife all because hes a celeb stop talkin about it either ur gonna support him or not

  • I just hope he can fully bounce back because i love his music get wit it or get lost because obviously hes not goin anywhere anytime soon

  • Its amazing to me that you guys have nothing better to do with your time. You gotta be kidding. When does the witchhut end. Rhianna has forgiven Chris Brown and for the record none of us were in the car with the two of them when the terrible incident occurred therefore noone other then the two of them and God knows what happened for sure. Also keep in mind that Chris Brown was only 19 years old when it happened. What else do you want. He has apologized for what he did. Went to court and successfully completed the community service program enforced by the judge. He’s repented, showed remorse, my God what else do you want???? BLOOD. Seems to me that you guys are just as evil as you are trying to make Chris Brown out to be!!!!

    • I completely agree with you! Of course we all know Chris did not make the right decision beating up Rihanna, but she hit him first! You can’t expect to pour the punch and not drink some afterwards! Like you said he was only 19 at the time! Everyone makes mistakes! You would want someone to forgive you if made a mistake you now regret! I bet if he could go back in time can and fix it he would! Just stop giving him a hard time! He is a great singer/ songwriter and he will continue making albums and he will live a long full life!