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Chilling Photo of Rihanna After Chris Brown Beat Her


This is horrible, horrible, horrible.

HORRIBLE. I’m actually crying right now.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can seek help and advice anonymously from the National Domestic Violence Hotline, RAINN or a wide variety of other nationwide, state and local organizations. This is NOT OKAY, ladies. NOT EVER.

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    • OH GOD. now seeing this i feel bad for him. clearly the internet made it seem worse than it actually was.

    • Chris Brown needs to be shunned, as well as anyone else who sticks up for him-like Terrence “She Asked For It” Howard. Take a stand people! Quite frankly, if I see another photo of Chris flashing a peace sign, I’m going to vomit.

    • this makes me want chris brown even more!!!!! can you imagine how rough he must be in bed! god he is soooo hot! fuck rihanna! diva bitch. with all that money she has she will get over this REAL QUICK.
      and dont give me that bull shit about nobody deserves this. MOST WOMEN WHO GET BEAT DRIVE MEN TO THEIR BREAKING POINTS. so simmer down ladies.

    • shes a lier she is doing what that girl did to randy moss just to ruin his life i feel ya chris brown you didnt do anything to her
      and you did this to your self bea your self up and blamed it on chris

    • i am 12 nd i hope you are allright i am ragin i want him in gail dont you just thouhg nd why did he do it??????????????????????/

      were you goin out wif him???

  • Oh my God. You can tell she’s crying…
    This is terrible. Chris Brown needs to be made an example of.

  • I have never seen a picture so sad and full of emotion. Its her birthday tomorrow (as is mine) and I feel like this should not of been released the day before.

  • Quote from my psycho roommate who is obsessed with Chris Brown:

    “He just needs an obedient woman. She deserved everything she got. She’s the one who pissed him off!”

    this is also the girl who reminds me every time I’m talking to someone about being pro gay rights that “gays are the biggest disease this country has”

    I swear its people like that that keep douches like Chris Brown on the street.

  • This makes me sick to my stomach. I hoped for her sake that the reports had been exaggerated but obviously that isn’t the case. I hope someone returns the favor and makes Chris Brown pay. I hope he goes to jail for a long time. As a woman who was once in an abusive relationship this makes me want to personally hand him his ass.

  • I hope that she has the corage to stand up and tell others her story, as there are many women in these awful situations that are too afraid to stand up for themselfs. I have been there in my first marriage and it was tough to walk away, its much easier to sit there and take it. I hope she has the courage to stand up and set example for other women to get away.

  • Well it certainly makes me sick. You however? I went back through your Rihanna posts to find the one where you said “Can we joke about it yet? Cause I got jokes!” But it appears that you pulled it. Backpedal much?

  • That picture broke my heart. You can see her pain, but I can’t even get to imagine what she is feeling.
    NO ONE deserves that and no one should accept it.

  • I can’t believe how bad the grammer and sentence structure is on this post…but then again what should I expect from a celebrity obsessed bunch of ghetto scum.

  • THIS is never ok… fuck u Chris Brown… may someone use your asshole as a playground in jail because you SUCK!

  • SHE NEEDS SOME DAMN CHAPSTICK! and would it kill her to put on some makeup. for christ sake shes having her picture taken!

  • Poor poor Rihanna.

    Any updates on how the case is going against him Beet?

    Who is gonna start the national call for a boycott?

  • I just heard he’s going to jail for attempted murder ….and I heard he did this because she gave him herpes … and im not gonna lie I would have done the same ….sorry :-(

    • I suppose, if I was that gullible, I would post under Anon also. I despise bullshit, lame bastards that only have the balls to say something (stupid as it may be) when posting under Anon. Grow a freakin pair.

  • Beet…

    This is ugly and sad.

    Maybe you should consider putting it behind a jump? I would have liked to have been a little more prepared and decide whether I really wanted to look at it or not.

    I would have, but you know what I’m saying.

    Just a thought.

    • people should see this. It’s shocking and sad. It gets you thinking about repercussions one should receive for making someone look like this. It may inspire people to donate or volunteer time for a good cause. THIS is the face of domestic abuse and hopefully the only benefits that may come from this horrid act are 1. piece of garbage goes to jail and NEVER touches a woman again and 2. people are educated on dom. violence. I think it should be shown.

  • No matter what someone does they don’t deserve to be beaten and further to be beaten by someone that is supposed to “love” them is even more reprehensible! This is beyond sad. There is no excuse for this EVER. If you can reason with yourself to defend or excuse him then you also need as much help as Chris Brown. If you can reconcile the idea of assaulting someones body and contributing to the emotional battering that a beating inflicts then you too have deep issues! No woman should beat on a man but also no man should EVER put his hands on a woman. It is unreasonable to think that we would discount the blatant superior physical strength of a man because of some keys or some words.

    When I was 19 and my live in boyfriend would put his hands on me for whatever was the “reason of the minute”, usually me disagreeing with his cheating and lying, it not only hurt my body it broke my spirit and poisoned my soul.It took a long time to stand up for myself and recover. Abuse isnt just physical its deeply emotionally detrimental. Pray for her and pray for yourself if you can in ANY way justify his actions.

  • Yes this needs to be seen because the world needs to know what kind of a fucking pig bitch Chris Brown is, but on the other hand I bet Rhianna doesn’t want the world to see her like that. I’ve been beat to shit before and I know I didn’t want anyone to see those bruises. If I were in the spotlight I definitely wouldn’t want anyone to see that. You feel degraded and ashamed when the person you are with does that to you, so to be reminded over and over again with a picture all over news and blogs must feel like being beat all over again.
    So I kind of see it both ways, cause I know this picture will make people hate Chris Brown even more. And that is fine by me.

    • I know what you mean. I used to have to go to work at a bar after my EXboyfriend would hurt me and I’d have to use concealer on my arms to cover the bruises. Luckily the bar was dark. I’d be doing count out in the office under florescent lights after though and it was so humiliating when someone would notice.

  • OMG. When I read about in one of the tabloids my sister gets, I fell out of my chair, litterally. How can someone justify doing that? Normally I would stay out of commenting on this, but this… This is big. And that fact that people are still siding (sorry on my spelling) with him is just… Atrocious. I hope that some wonderful man comes into her life and makes her feel wonderful. She deserves so much more. All in favor that she deserves better type ‘Aye!’

  • Rich or poor, famous or a nobody: no man will ever hit me and live to see a trial date. Accidents do happen.

  • am i the only one who worries that this is doctored? rihanna’s nose looks significantly bigger in this photo than it does in all the others….hhm….

    • hmm dumbass, might that have to do with the fact that she was being PUNCHED REPEATEDLY ABOUT THE FACE AND HEAD?!?!?!

    • Maybe her nose looks bigger because it has been FUCKING PUNCHED REPEATEDLY COUNTLESS TIMES? Noses tend to swell pretty dramatically when they’ve been beaten. Just a thought.

  • Well..question. Would it make me a coward that my heart is so full of sadness for Rhianna that I cannot even look at the photo? It is so devastating.

    I wish her the best.

    And that the half-brained morons leave her alone. The truth of the matter is, they were the ONLY TWO people there. So for people to blame Rhianna is absurd. Seriously. NO ONE deserves ALL!! It is sad what is accepted and rejected within our culture today.

  • Wow I’m a little shocked at all the comments here. Of course it’s a terrible picture and chris brown should go to jail for what he did (he’s a slimy piece of garbage), but the idea that people here are looking at this picture and crying over it? There are 100,000 worse things happening in the world right now. Babies are dying and women are being raped. Some perspective is needed. If this upsets you so much, go out and do something to help people that have much harder lives then this poor girl.

    • um rape is kind of similar to getting the shit kicked out of you by your boyfriend….

      And I am sure that if these same people saw pictures of someone getting raped or a baby dying, they would cry as well.

  • It also makes me sad that this picture is being published without regard to a victim of domestic violences right to privacy.
    She’s a celebrity, but if you actually cared, me thinks you’d respect the fact that she’s an unwilling ‘face’ of this act.

    I doubt any of you would like your picture displayed in such a fashion. I read Evil Beet all the time but I am truley dissapointed. Back over to jezebel I go…

  • is this really her? cause the lady in the pic has tats near her collarbone. and ive been googling rihanna’s tats, and nothing like this comes up..

  • This is ridiculous…

    Im not sticking up for Chris brown or anything like that but honestly… the first time he even raised his hand to her she should of been gone. Im a black female as well and i mean.. its not just in our homes that its taught to not associate with this type of character but in ALL homes… I think its humorous actually that she stayed to the point where he did that to her. Shes nothing but an enabler and for those who are calling her “strong”…”stay strong riri… ” SHE NEVER WAS IF SHE LET IT HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. screw love or whatever else people want to say. If a man hits u … that isnt love. WTF. now we have people who are “crying… actually crying” while looking at this photo… its HILARIOUS.

    Some may say i am being cold but … in the early 90s i saw a man hit my mother once… ONCE. That man afterwards got his ass beat by 2 chicks (one being my mom and the other my aunt) in defense and then arrested. So, for it to go from a slap in the face or him pulling on her arm to… that!!!!… yea shes a freakin idiot.

    Boo hoo to her.. im sorry. If u cant stand up for yourself and if u are THAT afraid a man will leave you, that u have to defend his actions, lie to your friends and family and have it get to this point… yea, u dont deserve anyone’s pity.. you deserve a straight jacket.

    a REAL WOMAN knows how to stick up for herself verbally, mentally, emotionally and physically.

    screw all these people who are on team rihanna. screw team chris brown.. im over it all…

    ps… although my writing my not be the most impeccable, i still get my point across. No need for little jabs about spelling, grammar, etc… its late.. im irritated…

    the end

    • what the fuck are you talking about?

      how do you even KNOW that this is not the first time it is happened? OHHHH because some tabloids speculate that maybe this isn’t the first time? what the fuck do you KNOW?

      and being a REAL WOMAN has fucking nothing to do about it. I am like 110 lbs. Do you really think if a guy who was twice my weight wanted to beat me up, I would be able to “stick up for myself physically”???????? UHM NO.

      idiot. And I am glad that you find other people’s compassion and sympathy to be so hilarious. dick.

      • It’s okay Lisa, it’s the same type of idiot that got us all hyped up the first time. I started to react, but then I thought, good for her. Good for her that she WON’T be a victim of domestic abuse more than once. Sure, it would be better if she had the slightest bit of compassion or empathy for those that weren’t raised as strong as her, but at least we can count one woman whose strength will definitely save her.

        Of course, until it happens to you, you never know how you will react. Still, even though her comments were completely inflammatory, let it roll. Someone that self-absorbed and centrist wouldn’t get the picture anyway.

    • I don’t have to comment on your lousy writing. Because you being a total douche overshadows however terribly you may have spelled or grammared your way through that asshattery of a comment.

      Women don’t leave abusers because they’re SCARED. Make sense? They get the self-esteem and independence beaten out of them by their partner.

      Maybe you need to take an example for those of us who are truly upset by this and GET SOME GODDAMNED COMPASSION.

  • i think this is fucking disgusting to be perfectly honestly he deserves to be fucking beat himself stupid bastard:)

  • The only good thing that could possibly come of this is some public awareness of the insidious nature of domestic violence, and the complete lack of empathy the legal system has for victims.

    I speak from personal experience. Lets make some changes, people! Namely, some new and just laws.

  • I hope this encourages other victims of domestic violence to come forward. Here is a couple of facts for people who think domestic violence isn’t a problem:

    -1 woman is killed every 3 days by domestic violence.

    -An analysis of 10 separate domestic violence prevalence studies by the Council of Europe showed consistent findings: 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence over their lifetimes and between 6-10% of women suffer domestic violence in a given year. (Council of Europe, 2002)

    -1 woman in 9 is severely beaten by her male partner each year. (Stanko et al, 1998)

    -Every minute police in the UK receive a domestic assistance call – yet only 35% of domestic violence incidents are reported to the police. (Stanko 2000 & Home Office 2002)

    -On average, a woman is assaulted 35 times before her first call to the police. (Jaffe 1982)

    -In over 50% of known domestic violence cases, children were also directly abused – NSPCC (1997) found a 55% overlap; Farmer & Owen (1995) found 52% overlap.

    These were taken from, and I think a lot of people don’t realise how big an issue is. I feel very very strongly about it and I do think that the more awareness that is brought to this issue, the more women in that situation are going to get the confidence to talk to people about it.

  • She isn’t beaten up in that photo , she just doesn’t have make-up on.

    Okay bad joke. Yes, it’s a terrible thing but she doesn’t have any broken bones and is recovering with all her millions in Barbados.

    Really who gives a fuck what happens to celebrities in the grander scheme of life? Americans should be more upset about the hundreds of thousands of civilians they slaughtered in Iraq (many of them women and children).

    You people have fucked up priorities.

    • You’re sooo right! Rich people totally deserve to get the shit kicked out of them! I will go back to only caring about domestic abuse among the less fortunate.

      Thanks for helping me realign, DP!

      • Knock that chip off your shoulder Jenn and don’t twist what I said into your tiny little view of the world.

        Her face will heal in about 2 weeks and you won’t even know it happened. The innocent civilians slaughtered by American troops will still be dead. Which is more important to get upset about?

    • DP why are you here? All you do is post negativity. Your racism and misogyny is NOT appreciated by anyone. Just curious, how do you feel about the Jews?

      • You are a complete idiot.

        Negativity on a celeb site? Yes, the writers of this website are always positive and never negative. Dumb ass.

        Racism? I am racist because I pointed out how some white people are racist? How does it make me racist to fight against racism? Dumb bitch.

        Misogyny? How so? My user name? I chose it to annoy ridiculous fema-nazis. “Donkey Punch” is a fucking joke. There aren’t people actually going around punching women in the back of the head you know? Is your sense of reality so twisted that you think it is real?

    • I understand that our priorities should be directed towards the millions slaughtered in Iraq, genocide in Darfur, etc. Truth is, this is a celebrity gossip site, and last I checked, blog posts on this site aren’t related to the aforementioned. You are commenting away just like me and everyone else. I usually agree with you, oddly enough. But today you’re coming off pretty ridiculous. The way you are so quick to post a defensive response and spout off on people doesn’t tell me that you are spending very much of your time caring about worldly issues either… With all due respect, don’t talk about other peoples priorities.


  • Wow, there some real idiots here. We should be talking about Rihhana, not dumb personal crap. Most of u r, but some people are just retards.

    I think this is horrible. Any guy that hits a girl is a real pusy.

  • PS, her nose probably looks funny because of the camera’s lens. With even a slightly wide angle lens anything closer to the camera gets distorted and appears larger.

    You can tell this is happening by the size of the front of her face compared against her shoulders.

  • Chris has pretty much fried his career and personal life right when he met the peak of it
    I am just as shocked as the rest of you.

    but he will get what he deserves, this pic has been plastered all over the internet and he will never forget it.

    I should also add that I think Chris has hurt Rihanna in the past. Just by looking at what hes done to her face, he clearly knew what he was doing. What makes you think he hasn’t hurt her before? her whole face is swollen. At the same time I am very curious to know how she provoked him to make him lash out like that.

    Ive read a ton of articles about Rihanna having herpes or Paris hilton texting Chris, none of which is real. Any other information on this situation?

  • if yall people dont even know the real story then y make up all this stuff? yall dont even know if Rihanna hit him first , or what. but yall need ta just stop wit all da stupid comments and stuff. even though it was’nt right for Chris to beat her up! but do yall know y he beat her up… NO THE HELL YALL DONT> but she do look terrible in that pictcha if thats reallyher. and the critics and the internat just mayde the whole situation worse. But um he is still wrong for hittin her.!!!

  • beet you keep trumpeting about domestic violence and women’s rights, but posting this picture shows no respect for the woman at all. i know as always your heart is in the right place, but your methods are sketchy.

    i cant complain too much, this is a gossip blog after all, but posting this was pretty tasteless. there are articles all over today about the LAPD saying this photo was leaked – and you are now part of it.

    • agreed, i don’t think it’s very respectful. i sure as hell know i wouldn’t want pictures of me be available for the public after something like this.

  • I don’t think this will affect his career very much. Look at all the other low life celebrities who’ve done illegal things, and nothing has changed. There are some women out there who will honestly say “Chris Brown deserves a more obedient woman” and “She deserved it” and for years those people will bring up and spin it around so Rihanna is theone who’s at fault. Look at Howard Terrace, it wasn’t brought to the spotlight, or at least to me, until years later while I was reading this site.
    I hope he doesn’t just get a slap on the wrist. This is the perfect situation to make an example out of him, and it will actually work in a few ways. Everyone loves rihanna, and they see this happening to her and realize that yes it can happen to anyone. And if Chris Brown gets what he deserves, people will see that even someone who is known for staying out of the spotlight, and who isn’t known for starting fights with others, can do this type of thing. It’s proving that even the nice guy can be a scum bag. That being loud and obnoxious and drama filled doesn’t necessarily make you a woman beater, or drug addict. But maybe the quiet ones who keep to themselves are capable of some pretty fucked up shit.
    I’m just glad that it didn’t turn out TOO bad for her. yes she was beat and strangled, but he didn’t kill her. I’m glad she didn’t lose her life or suffer severe injuries. I just hope she speaks up about all this and show people that it’s not okay, and that they also have the right to not be abused in any way.

    • Right. He’ll get over it. Just like Michael Vick did. And OJ!

      Ooohh wait. Right. Right. Their careers after violent scandal only happened in make-believe world. Which, oh look! You seem to be living in.

      • wtf are you talking about. did i once say that he’ll get over it.
        beet, you honestly need to have some sort of test people need to pass before they’re allowed to comment on here. and a major part of that test is a reading and comprehension section, bc this shit is getting ridiculous.
        everyone on here wants to fight with other readers and commenters.
        i love i said that as bad as this is for RIHANNA, its good too bc she would be a great spokeswoman for domestic abuse. and this fucking asshole goes all crosseyed and rearranged the words i said so that it somehow comes out that i’m applauding chris brown and giving him a slap on the back as i say “don’t worry bud, you’ll bounce back”

        i love this site but i really hate the bullshit these readers spew.

  • I cringe everytime I see those lumps on her head. Poor girl. I really hope Chris Brown get’s 25-to-life.

    Fucking jackass.

  • oh he did a good job and i hope she stays like that
    he shud have beateb her some more
    she deserves a good beating…………..
    i mean someone agree with

    • should be looking like her for even saying that..if i knew who you were i’d do it myself..u lil bastard

    • dude…are you fucking serious?!?! no ones gonna agree with you and if you feel that way maybe you should have your ass beat! no one deserves something like that yo, and hopefully chris brown’s career is over.


      • wow…really?

        your mother really couldn’t come up with the scratch to get
        that abortion, eh?

        too bad for the world, i guess.

    • i feel bad 4 heR but she cheated on him an he cheated on heR they should b togetheR no moRe chRis is good 4 hittin heR i dont wanna b rude oR nothin i liker heR buth no like i llove chRis bRown sRRy rihanna buth iLOveYOUh CHRIS BROWN uR #1 fan
      i agree wit soaps
      buth i hope youhh get betteR

    • yo shut-the fuck up i bet you a ugle bitch ibet if your boyfriend did that to you your ass be hiding. Rihana stroger than that shit and she”ll com out of it and amdite to thw world what really happend that night. and really i don’t think he did it i think it was a bunch of bithes like who jumped her and dump ass chris brown to the fall for it.

    • Haha rihanna derseved iht hahaha chris brown fuqked her shyt up dahtsz sum good shyt rite dere hahaha she goht folded

  • The LAPD released a statement about an internal investigation that will take place as a result of this picture being leaked…So for everyone that thinks its not a real picture…uh, it real…plus I trust Beet

    My Prayers are with her as someone who’s been in her shoes

  • It doesn’t matter beet because these ghetto types will STILL defend Chris Brown. As I correctly stated in a previous entry, there is much racism in the black community against caribbean and lighter skin blacks. My black BFF is from Haiti and experiences this all the time. Kind of amusing when they whine ad Nauseum about a dumb cartoon.

    • > “these ghetto types will STILL defend Chris Brown”

      These ghetto types? Ya, you aren’t a racist dumb fuck at all Jennifer (sarcasm).

      • Yeh DP, like rappers, pimps and wannabes aren’t known for this type of behavior. Weren’t you just defending Chris Brown using some really misogynistic talk?

        Ps: And Enimem is a “ghetto Type” and last I heard he’s WHITE.

      • eww eww, jennifer.
        not all rappers, pumps, and wannabes are “ghetto”.
        last time i checked, most wannabes aren’t ghetto at all.

      • Annie, that was beautifully stated. :)
        i think that Rhianna did not deserve this at all. I have seen a lot of domestic violence in my life and i will always feel it is unjust.
        When i first saw this picture i said to myself, “cant be real, that can’t be the beautiful Rhianna with those marks”.
        Seeing that is is makes me sick.
        Poor girl. She is uber strong though, she will come out of this even stronger. :)

      • Gary and Jennifer are the same person? Beet please check their IPs because I find it hard to believe two people so ridiculously dumb can be on the same planet posting on the same website.

        They have to be the same moron.

        Jennifer is posting hatred against blacks comparing them to pimps and ghetto trash and somehow I am racist for being critical of her racist language? Amazing.

    • I dont think there is alot of racism in the black community against caribbean and lighter skin blacks..I think its the exact opposite..caribbeans and light skin people for some reason think they are better and speaking from experience haitians PLEASE are one of the most racist blacks..if you not 1 of them they dont fuck with you.You may call me ghetto if that makes you feel like your better than me, I was raised in the GHETTO so i guess in a way your correct.Its sad because your probably black (I really hope not) and you sound really dumb..and another thing im black and dont think I’m better than anyone…what do u even know about being GHETTO probably nothin…wtf is a wannabe you lost me there???? every rapper is not ghetto….. every pimp is not ghetto….every person who comes from the GHETTO is not GHETTO….why dont u stop by some time…N as for this chris brown rihanna shyt….the only way i will back this man up is if she really gave him herpes i dont know whats really going on and i really dont care..women get beats up every day and nobody wants to hurt the person who did it…now because it Rihanna a LIGHTER SKINNED CARRibean its a big deal…c’mon I HATE men who beat on women for NO REASON…and if he did it because of something she said he should get his ass whopped..but what will you do to help the other 3 million women gettin their ass whopped ever night for no reason..they dont have paparazzi and nosey ass people in their business…so what are u doin for them…if you care so much….

  • monster deserves to have his hands removed and his feet hobbled.

    misery style.

    i know i’d feel a whole lot better afterwards.

    whaddya say jay? where my brooklyn at?

  • awww my god! this is aweful! soo sad to see this picture! she is so beautiful it makes me soo teary eyed :(

  • God, abuse sure is good for the ratings isn’t it Sasha?

    Here’s what I don’t understand… just some of the definitions of verbal abuse include bullying, defaming, defining, trivializing, berating, taunting, putting down, edifying, discounting and name-calling.

    By that very definition Sasha makes her living by being verbally (and should they read it) emotionally abusive towards the very celebrities she highlights in her site. And for those of us who aren’t ‘by Sasha standards’ “absolutely perfect” we identify with those celebrities and are also included in that abuse.

    God forbid we, as normal women, be overweight, have bad fashion sense or any one of the other targets of her abuse.

    But wait… Here we have Rihanna who was ‘Physically’ abused by her boyfriend and oh, look.. Sasha is crying. Get out girls, don’t let that man abuse you! I’m for womens rights everywhere, how dare that mean man bully you and hurt you.

    This pisses me off, seriously! I was in an abusive relationship and spent at least 3 years of my life with a guy who made damned sure that I cried and felt bad about myself at least once a day. But, he never once touched me abusively. One day I finally went to the womens shelter and got pamphlets on verbal abuse and educated myself. And guess what ladies? Verbal abuse is ‘just as’ damaging as physical abuse!

    So, now you’re all up in arms because I dare call precious Sasha out for being an asshole and a hypocrite? Seriously? Because I’m sure that if a report came out that Chris Brown cornered Rihanna after a show and someone recorded him verbally abusing the shit out of her, calling her names, making her cry, making her feel like shit about her appearance and her entire life in general we would all be absolutely outraged. How dare someone treat our beloved Rihanna like that! How dare they! Poor Rihanna, this totally makes me cry.

    Oh no.. wait, that’s how I make my damned living though… by calling celebrities (who never did a damned thing to us) names, mocking their weight gains, mocking their weight losses, bad hair days, bad relationships, bad lives in general.

    Gosh, I’m so glad for the upswing in page hits that this is causing. And you can be absolutely sure that Sasha is just as glad!

    (for those of you who think you need to ‘school me’ on the use of sarcasm… you figure out which is which.. and then fuck off)

    • Gosh. You are a very bitter, sad sad person. If your so high and mighty then please leave this gossip blog, and go back to reading your bible. I can’t believe you have the nerve to come to Sasha’s blog and be a complete bitch about this whole situation. And YES. There IS a difference between physical and verbal abuse. No one has ever DIED by words! Men repeatedly beat and kill their spouses/girlfriends, and this is more alarming than a verbal smack. Now i’m not saying verbal abuse is AT ALL condonable, but it is not life threatening. (unless suicide is a threat). So please stop condemning Sasha when it is her FREAKIN JOB to write about celebrities and what they are wearing, doing, ect. Take your prideful ass, shut up, and fuck off yourself.

      • i, personally, feel bad for Rhianna. i also understand what hmmm is talking. i would be bitter (hmmm is KINDA bitter) too, if just Rhianna got better treatment that i did JUST because shes a celebrity. However for you to accuse her of being “high and mighty” and then to tell her to “go back to reading your (her) bible” is actually very offensive towards me. im a Catholic and i take pride in being a Catholic, and when people like you insult me by insinuating that Catholics are “high and mighty” it REALLY irritates me.

        i bet if i called people high and mighty, and then told them to go read their torah, they would be up in arms with outrage. i just think that if you are going to criticize someone else’s comment, you should leave an arguable comment as well.

      • I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I didn’t mean to and your point is very valid, (Claire’s point, not sb’s. I already said it’s a threat when suicide is involved). However I said that, (not only catholic’s but many christians in general) act high and mighty and run around holding their bibles in the air. Not all of them are like that, but enough are for us to have this stereotype. And my comment is VERY arguable. Please don’t just be a hypocrite, (which is also something many christians are accused of being) and criticize MY comment as well, when you comment is just as open ended. Thanks

    • seriously, if you were in an abusive relationship then you should be happy that sasha is trying to show people that they should leave.

    • Well HMMM, why the hell are you reading this site? This is a site about Sasha’s OPINIONS. Its called FREE SPEECH.

      your quote of:

      “So, now you’re all up in arms because I dare call precious Sasha out for being an asshole and a hypocrite”

      makes absolutely no sense. We are expressing our opinions as is Sasha.

      If you can’t handle other people’s opinions then you have more issues than Rihanna.

      • Well, there you go, you’ve proven my point then haven’t you all? As soon as I give you my opinion ‘as I am entitled to do’ you jump all over my ass and tell me to go away. Yes, you are up in arms (as proven) when you say things like, go away and leave Sasha alone like you’re protecting the sad little girl on the playground! Let me assure you, Sasha is the bully on the playground and she doesn’t need you to stand in front of her for protection. If she wanted to tell me to go away I’m sure she would have no qualms about doing so.

        The only reason I’m even responding to your silly and childish taunts to leave is to explain why I dont. When I first found the Evil Beet site I was completely and totally amused by Sasha and the way she writes. Because I am a fan of good quality writing and good quality sarcasm. You can call me a bible thumper (which is stupid really because absolutely nowhere in my comment did I bring religion into it and am quite arguably the last person you would call a bible thumper in reality) and tell me to go to other sites but I’m just as entitled to stay here and read the celebrity gossip as any one of you. The reason Sasha is in business is because people like you and me enjoy celebrity gossip. The difference between the days that I enjoy Sasha’s writing and the days she pisses me off is the difference between her use of good sarcasm and crossing over the line into bad sarcasm.

        My daughter is sarcastic and I think she’s hysterical, one of the funniest young women I’ve met but.. when she was honing her sense of humor I explained to her ‘there’s a difference between being sarcastic and funny and being sarcastic and an asshole.” Sasha can be absolutely hysterical and she can also be a complete and total asshole. I never waste good sarcasm on people I don’t like and I never waste good sarcasm on people who just don’t get it. If you waste it on people who don’t get it then all you’re doing is being an asshole.

        Now, shall we start this whole ridiculous argument over again or are we clear as to why I choose to stay here for my gossip.

        I just prefer good gossip not hatred and sheer meanness when I read it. I don’ think that’s too damned much to ask for!

    • um it’s not verbal abuse because its not directly being told to them. I do not think LaLohan reads this site and is all, aw man, I DO look like a crackhead :(

      your analogy sucks

    • To be fair though, these people have chosen to live their lives in the public eye. It is human nature to criticise and judge others, it happens every single day, and are you trying to say you have never said a negative or bitchy thing about another person in your whole life?

      I understand where you are coming from and what you went through is terrible, humans are truly bad to one another, and although I agree that celebs may not DESERVE criticism on their looks and opinions, fame comes at a price, and if you feel so strongly about it maybe you shouldn’t read celeb gossip sites. :/

  • Whether or not that is even her is not the point, he still beat her obviously beause he we arrested for it. Do you really need to see photos of her to proove that she got beaten or not, the dude is a loser for even touching her in the first place. What he did was just wrong and uncalled for, and for what reason. How the hell does he know it came from her, and maybe the poor girl didn’t even know she had anything……..but no, people just want to assume that it’s the girls fault. Nobody told the boy to have sex with her without protection, he did that all on his own, so he is to blame for the whole damn thing! I will no longer support this man in anything that he does, no more listening to his music, no more wathing his ass on Award shows, if he even has the balls to show up on any. I hope the people boo his ass right off stage.

  • I will never, ever support Chris’s music after this. I think all radio stations should show Rhianna and other woman that suffer through this support by no longer playing his music.

    I feel for her and really hope she has a strong circle of friends and family around her. He is scum, along with any other pathetic excuses for men out there that beat up on the women in their lives.


  • …Owkey…
    first of’s a horrible picture…
    plus…i dunno what 2 believe…but one thing is fo sho’….
    she must had did suttin to pisss him offfff.
    karma’s a bitch right….
    she brought this on herself….
    cuz in the beginnin when she startd to get famous i liked her but lately she acting like damn nasty biatch..can’t stand her..
    and i have to admit he didn’t had to beat her up but…be careful what yu wish for…

    p.s. europe knows…
    cuz im from holland…

  • My heart breaks for Rihanna. I grew up with a father that beat on my mom everytime they would drink. I remeber once when he sat ontop of her on the couch choking the hell out of her. He would always hit her and then take me and my lil brother and run off for a few days and not tell her where we were. Many times when they would fight I’d take my lil brother into the bathroom and lock the door so he couldn’t run off with us and try to distract my brother from what was goin on by singing to him or reading to him as loud as I could to cover up the sounds. A few years later my mother had another baby. The last time he ever hit my mom (I was 14) he went to grab my littlest brother and I picked him up and ran out the door holding my oother brothers hand. I went out onto the porch and pushed my brothers in a corner on the porch and stood in front of them and told my dad he wasn’t goin anywhere with them. He was so mad I actually thought he may hit me but I stood my ground. Two of our neighbors saw what was happening and came over. I don’t know what it was about that time but that was the last time he ever got violent. He stopped drinking and went to counciling with our family pastor. Though I don’t condone my dad and what he did I can say that I am proud that he took the steps to stop the violence. I am 27 years old now and my father hasn’t drank or resorted to violence since that day. He is very open and councils others thru my parents church. I don’t think you can change over night, and our scars will always be there, But I can say that with God’s help my father is a changed man. My mother is one of the strongest women I’ll ever know to have put up with that all those years ago.

      • To Annie and Grace thank you both. I will add though that anyone in an abusive relationship should leave as soon as possible. My father’s main problem was with alcohol, and not many couples can go on and move forward like my parents did. Luckily my father was able to realize his problem and take the steps himself to get help with his problem. Do I forgive him for what he did? No. I could never forgive him for hurting my mother. But I have moved past it because he is truly a different man today. But I will always remember. Some people can and do change. As for Chris Brown, it is way too soon to see if this opens his eyes to what he has done. Honestly I don’t know if he’s really horrified over what he did or what he’s done for his career. Only time will tell with that one. I do hope he can change if only for the women (if any) he is with in the future. My heart breaks for Rihanna, she is the victim here and it saddens me to hear people talk about how she deserved this. No one deserves this.

  • Really really hope Rihanna is okay.

    Make him pay! This is ridiculous. Nobody should listen to his music, EVER. He doesn’t deserve his success.

  • I really wish that punk Chris Brown would come at me like that! I would destroy that little pu**y biotch. How dare he. Come to me little punk. And all you other idiots who support Pu**y Brown come see me I will make you look like Rihanna. No respect for ignorant people like this! You wonder why white people have racist tendacies towards the African American community, please look at ourselves in the mirror folks!

    • oh really it is all paris hiltons fault sheflirted than rihanna and cb got intoo a fight plus sh e might have deserved it she did lieto the news saying they where not dating sheesh so just shut you prisy little mouth up

    • You wonder why white people have racist tendacies towards the African American community, please look at ourselves in the mirror folks!



  • this is fuckin horrible… i got abused and its hard to leave… that is rihanna and u should all feel bad cuz not only is she going thru it, its being broadcasted all around the world and assholes like the bloggers up top are makin jokes about it…

  • uhm, i really dont care what happend . maybe he had his reasons . right? well even if you dont agree with me i really dont give a fuck. because i dont believe that guys shuld put thier hands on women but how do we know that she didnt do something to make it happen? i really dont know what to think about it. but all i know is im not worried about it. who gives a f*ck .

    • I am loving all these uneducated morons making comments.
      Maybe he had his reasons??? What??? WHAT could possibly justify what he did? When would that EVER be a good idea? Ever?!

    • your a fucking dumbass! no man, no matter the reason, should put their hands on a woman…. i dont gave a fuck who you are, its just wrong! and chris brown deserves to go to hell for he did and more than likly he well…. i think its best if they just not get back together and they need to find the lord in thire life…. im not taking sides b/c i dont know the real story but it sounds like to me they both did wrong…. but its best just to more on with thier lifes

  • i really hate that this picture was posted. she deserves some privacy and respect after what happened to her. i would hate if a memory like this was constantly re-lived through the media. it is horrible what chris brown did, he should be prosecuted and i understand that this picture was taken as evidence, but i really really hate that it was publicized.


    • Wow. You’re a racist bitch. Is it fair for me to assume your a dirty mexican b/c your name is carlos???

    • I was just watching television and the numeral tattoo is also briefly visible at the end of her Exact Eyelights commercial for Cover Girl.
      Just in case you don’t trust the internet.
      Because you really shouldn’t.

  • If the entertainment industry, publishing and music quit glorfying any abuse, rape, murder and mayhem as interesting and or the way of cultures .. and prosecute the buyers, sellers, makers and producers of such gross and harmful materials things might be better for all who live on earth. This picture was stolen and released for profit.. it it not your right to see it by the way..
    DISTURBIA: TMZ Gets Photo of Bruised Rihanna…

    LAPD launches inquiry into leaked pic…

  • OMG!! HER LIPS ARE SO SWOLLEN!!! SHOCKING!!! oh no… wait… she is black, her lips are ok, she just have two or three bruising… oh no wait… she IS black, roflolsfh

  • That doesn’t look like rhianna- like i know she was beat up and probably looks differnt but her nose looks completely different. No one can beat someone up and change there like nostrils. I really do not think that is rhianna. Like how did they get this picture and why are they JUST realeasing it.

  • im a fan of both rihanna + chrisbrown , i cant believe that someone so young + seemed like a gentleman would actually beat up a women :\ ? but we dont know the full story or what sparked it so all im saying is rihanna did not deserve this , shes deserves a gentleman that will treat her right!!!!

  • I seriously think what he did was fucked up, I’m sorry that happened shit like this shouldn’t go on but it does.

  • So yeah, some of these comments are unreal. Like i really feel bad for rihanna. She didn’t deserve any of that. i think chris should go die in a box. i haven’t seen anyone bet that much, although i am just a child, and havent seen much. Really though that f***er should go to h-e-double-hockeysticks !

  • Wow. This is just such a sad site to see. why would anyone do this to her? She never deserved it. In the name of God I pray for Rihanna to get better.



  • well i have to say is that i am truly sorry to see both singers in this tragic moment..however, i wish chris brown the best of luck nd to keep his head up high ..even though he did this i still lubb him to death nd his image for me doesnt change…like wat he did was wrong nd her…but hey…nobody will never now the true story but them…

  • all you did for him,and thats what you got in return?
    if I was you i’d do something back to him,but in another situation I would just leave it alone and leave me and find NEW NICE BETTER boyfriend

    keep safe.

  • oh my… rihanna, my thoughts are with you. i can’t imagine what you went through, but i do hope you will get better with time. peace.

  • well.. altho i dont think wut chris is is wut i know..
    1. if someone gave me herpies i would beat their ass..altho i dont kno if thats actually wut the fight was about

    i also know this is not the frist time chris has hit her .. abuse cases are hard. its hard to get out of a situation like that.i hope she takes this calls him out on wut he truly is like.. and helps other woman get out of bad situations….

  • (((“OMG! HER LIPS ARE SO SWOLEN! ah no.. she is black, lol!!”)))

    fuck u carlos luscious lips are sexy….

  • Omg That is disgusting!!!
    I feel so bad for Rihanna…Chris Brown I hope you rot in hell!!!

    Ladies if this has happend to you…or anyone…tell someone that you trust I doubt you want to look like her!

    • man, ppl like you are only here to stir shit and want attention. i hope ppl stop replying to these kind of posts. you’re pathetic. your opinion don’t count here.

  • oh watever who cares about that bitch hope she and chris brown die mommizzz shes a playa she gave chris brown herpies nasty ass bitch hope u die you hoe dick succker

  • First many, many thanks to Hmmm for an absolutely perfectly crafted and on point discourse on the hypocrisy that is Evil Beet.

    The views of whites are skewed of course by seeing themselves as the majority and everyone after. Sasha your posts reveal your superiority complex and subsumed racism. We are all guilty of racism in different ways. Not all of us choose to use the internet as a platform to project it.

    *Tommy Lee
    *Josh Brolin
    *Alan Lee Panettiere

    All of these white men have been arrested for domestic abuse, yet none have been vilified in your posts or by the media at large.

    People are not always the sum of their worst act. Most rational adults would agree this is a terrible situation for both young parties.

    Instead of spewing hatred and stoking venom and feeding stereotypes about the “out of control” black male, you missed an opportunity to rise above the media frenzy, to turn away and give these people privacy during a challenging time.

    This isn’t a flame war. I’ve had my say. These thoughts were for Sasha.

    • if that last dude is Hayden’s dad, beet did bitch about him…. several times.

      were the other two recent? I know tommy lee was yeeeeears ago. I’m not saying that makes it better, but why would she randomly bring up something that happened a long time ago?

    • This is a gossip website. Half of the world is speculating over this situation hence it’s place in this website. If there were people curretly talking and a leaked photo concerning Tommy Lee, Josh Brolin, Alan Lee Panettiere…I’m pretty sure they would have been posted. Its called ‘Evil Beet’ not ‘Evil Beet who may not share some huge gossip that millions are talking about as it may cause offence to a minority group or one over excited individual’ Go somewhere else.

  • how about we hear both sides of the story from a trusted source and then make a judgement. what you hear from the media is all true, but it can be manipulated in an unbiased way.

    And yes i agree, chris brown shouldn’t have hit her at all. shouldn’t have touched her. but what was it exactly that happened that made him flip it that bad. we weren’t there, what would we know? things can be interpreted the wrong way with just getting information from the media.

    but yeah. chris brown shouldn’t have done this.


  • Look. I never liked Rihanna (& I loved Chris Brown).. but no women in the world deserves to be hurt… let alone be bashed up by someone you loved and trusted. I cannot stand all the girls and women who are saying ” ow yes she deserved it”. No one deserves to be treated like that. She is a women with feelings and this is not only traumatic, but its going to take her a while to recover. I mean now whenever she turns the radio on, there gonna be talking about her, whenever she turns the TV on, there gonna be talking about her, and whenever she walks out the street, people are gonna be asking her. All she needs is to be somewhere to get back in touch with herself, but its not that easy when your a celebrity. I mean if a normal women broke down crying in the street, it wont be over the news.. if she does though.. its gonna be screened all over the the world. Just give her a break & My prayers are with you Rihanna; hope you get better.
    And I dont hope thats Chris Browns Career is over.. because he too is proberly on an emotional rollacoster. The least we can do is ask him to start a campaign against violence against women, like some celbs do against drugs. Good luck to both of them & i hope they can resolve there issues.

  • Haha damn rihanna goht fuqked up haha she deserved iht lmfao…..chris brown is fuqkin ill 4 doin haha good shyt

    • Who ever this person is that thinks this is funny,i think you ought to be beat then maybe you would change your opinion. This is not a laughing matter. I like Chris Brown but if he did this he ought to be ashamed of himself. No human being desreves to be beat like that. I dont know who this person is and if you have any kids. But,what if this was your daughter then what would you say. I almost cried when i seen such a beautiful young ladie’s face destroyed liked that. Although i’ve never been a Rhianna fan i wish her the best because i,ve been there.As for Chris Brown if he did do this he deserves his career to be ruined!

    • Shut up! Rihanna didn`t deserve any of this. Chris was the one texting some other chick about who knows what. and Rihanna got mad about it so chris chose to beat her, what a coward! I used to like him but he went really low, I don`t care how sorry he is either! How could he do that to someone he loved? Chris brown had no right to hit her, but he didn`t just hit her he busted up her face so he could feel bigger than her. Makes me sick.


  • wtfuk aree yal talkingg bout no man got no right to put they hands on a female thats a coward and plus chris brown you are to young to be having your career over anyways and that boy talking bout he should of beaten her moree you making your self look bad but rihanna i love your music and i think you are so beautiful and stay up !!! + stay strong


  • This is absolutely disgusting. Stupid people saying stupid things: Send me your addresses, I’ll gladly kick the shit out of you. I can make you hurt more than Chris Brown could. Violence has a purpose, it’s to remove ignorance from people. Anyone who says he’s too sexy to have herpes, or that she deserves this, or that any woman could ever deserve this- Your home address please… Thank you. Stupid fucking ignorant woman-bashing piece of shit people…Go masturbate to some war movie. Schindler’s List do it for you?

    • that is jut stupid if u believe that story. Rihanna don’t have herpes chris brown either it don’t matter who started it they both should’ve just kept there hands to their selves and dis wouldn’t be a problem!!!! it’s no ones business any way so stop bein all up in the mix. no one knows wats really happened exept fo chris and rihanna!!!!

    • I’m not entirely positive that you fully understood the point I was (attempting) to make. My issue is with those who say that (under the assumption that this is what happened: Chris beat Rhianna) that she deserved this, or that this funny, or to anyone that has made some racial comment. Hence, it was directed towards ‘stupid people saying stupid things’. The herpes comment was used as an example of something stupid (irrelevant) said.

  • u girls who are sayin she deserve are stupid and foolish.all of you jealous ,she hug out with christ brown!!!haha jealous girls and i very know u are ugly!!!haha! sorry and good day pigs

  • I can’t believe that so many people are seeing this as a thing about race. What does skin colour have to do with any of it?

    I am glad that Rihanna is getting the help and support she needs. What a brave woman! I hope that Chris Brown gets the support he needs to face and understand the problems with his behaviour and to get help in making a serious change in himself.

    • > What does skin colour have to do with any of it?

      I agree but ask Gary and Jennifer, the two of the biggest racist conservatives on this site.

      • Come on Donkey Punk……. you seem to see everything through the prism of race. Are you that insecure about yourself? I’ll call you out everytime from now on when I see you post your ingnorant crap. Show some love Donkey Punk and you won’t have to deal with my verbal bitch slap again. :-)

    • i agree thats there business so stay the fuc out goodness graciess leave them alone it’s very personal and to go out in public they don’t have anything else better to do yall is just some hipocrits. no just some business dippin nothin but trouble show off stupid hoes.

  • i hate him you chris brown is a vry stupid boy.
    i pray he goes 2 prison 4 10yrs for this…….
    he is a f***er.
    I think rihanna should break up with him but first she shoud distroy his life.when rihanna looks at him down she should go up.once more brown is a fucker

  • this is just a sad incident as wrong as it was every one makes mistakes and they both need to get help. He is a lost sole, it really is no ones business what they decide to do, its between them. She also may not want to give up on someone she loves and might want to get him help.

  • I don’t care how cute or fine he is, looks can be very deceiving, I’m not exactly sure what the out come for Rhianna and Chris are, but this is not unacceptable, I don’t care how mad a woman makes you, a man should never lay his hands on her, it is very unacceptable, and uncalled for, Rhianna didn’t deserve this, Chris brown should have just walked away to cool, down, Now I look at him very differently, Just because he can sing and dance, look cute, and hit some notes, what he did, was very wrong, Rhianna, don’t get back with him, because once you let him start hitting you, he will do over and over again, and won’t stop

    I love Rhianna, I’m praying for you, and send my many blessings to you
    Abused before

  • I`M SORRY RIHANNA WHAT HAPPEN .IHOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who ever thinks a woman should be beat is really fucked and needs some serious help…”wissa” youre fucked…die

  • Seriously? Everybody fighting over this one picture….wow this is stupid to be fighting back & fourth. What happened, happened. We obviously can’t do anything about it because for 1. We arnt them, for 2. Were not anywhere close to them & never will be, 3. It’s fucking pointless.. Her getting beat was wrong, no woman should get violated by a guy((who thinks he has more power)) She’s a strong woman, Guarentee she will recover but as a woman I know I can & every other girl who has been in a domestic violent relationship can say that It’s wrong for a guy to put his hands on a woman! It’s fucked up & every guy out there that thinks he has more “will Power” can FUCK OFF. If you have the nerve to put ur hands on a woman, you have the right to get hands put on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My feeling is that every guy who can hit a woman should be locked up. In her situation, that didnt happen… Neither did mine so It’s all fucked up! Quit fighting on here, its lame. Jus know that there are woman who dont tell their stories & get beat everyday. One of these days they will stand up & fight for who they are!!! & that day… MEN WATCH OUT!!!! haha

  • Oh this is so sad. I feel so sad for her. I was never a rihanna fan, but as a human being she deserves better than this. i will never listen to another chris brown song. Ill delete every single one i have in my ipod. he deserves to lose his career over this. such hateful violence is unacceptable, especial against a woman. for all the people who are trying to explain his side away or say that she deserves this, there is nothing to say to you. for me, there is no question of right and wrong in this situation and if you think there is any gray area here, obviously we do not share the same morals.

  • Oh this is so sad. I feel so sad for her. I was never a rihanna fan, but as a human being she deserves better than this. i will never listen to another chris brown song. Ill delete every single one i have in my ipod. he deserves to lose his career over this. such hateful violence is unacceptable, especial against a woman. for all the people who are trying to explain his side away or say that she deserves this, there is nothing to say to you. for me, there is no question of right and wrong in this situation and if you think there is any gray area here, obviously we do not share the same morals.

  • I always loved Ri and CB together but now i’ve seen this I’m very angry. What makes me most upset is that so many women all over the world are beat up every day, but they don’t say anything about it. Hopefully this event will help women come forward and realise that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Ri should start up a org. about women getting beat up, so more people will be aware of these issues. We will most likely hear a song about this from here, and I’m deffos on her side. :) xx

  • Chris Brown is the biggest asshole and low life man it’s truly awful beating somebody especially a woman i hope his fucking career ends now…

  • I think the bitch deserved it. Im all for this, she shoulda got it worse if u ask me. I dont care what people say Chris Brown did the rite thing!! Thats what the dumbbitch gets for singing about an umbrella ella ella ella ella!Go Chris Brown im pulling for you in the slammer. GO CHRIS BROwn!!

  • All i know is, everyday many people are beat by their significant other and it is never blown up in the media like this. Why don’t we hear about men being abused or about the people who are beaten TO DEATH. Celebrity status should not affect this case in any shape or form. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day people will have to hope that the legal system will take care of it all…not a gossip website!

  • Lets talk about rockstars beating up their significant others eh.?
    To many to name, I don’t see why just because its Chris Brown everyone making a huge thing out of it.
    My radio station is even putting a stop to Christ Brown Music.
    Just leave those two alone, she needs to stop getting people on him too, by the time you know it she’ll be back with him.
    I hate Rihanna, always have. I don’t think she deserved this though, but what is my word going to change.? NOTHING!
    they dont even know we exist, so fuck em all!

    THEY DON’ T KOW WE EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey i think chris brown is a wuss! he doesn’t have balls to fight with a man but with a women i would be rhianna and press charges on him no matter what he doesn’t deserve to be free. he should pay for all the pain she is going through and i liked chris brown but not anymore he just showed all of us other side but in a scary way.

    • owww dat looks bad chris is not a wuss u r i hpe u get beat up like r he is inacnt u wnt get out there with hm so shut up luvvvvvvvvvvvv u chris hpe u feel beta r also ur nt a real man so i hpe ur nt twkn bout yo slf

  • I am Chris Browns number one fan and I’M man enough to admit what he did WAS wrong and i was raised to not hit a women (and i never would) but i mean i think people are blowing this out of proportion because it’s Rihanna and if it would be some other chick it would have blown ove inna a year or so.. But in no way am i sticking up for what he did.. i juss think people should get out of there business because none of us truely know why this happened we are just going off of rumors so just quit talkin about BOTH of them juss think how u would feel! they have problems WHO DOESNT?! And HAHA Rihanna or Chris dont read this! So u people acting like yal’ are writting to her are STUPID hahahahahahahahah!!

  • dat looks really bad but there is two sides of the story an who ever kald chris a wuss is a wuss u wnt get out there with him an who eva kald him an a hole is an a hole also luv u chris hope u feel betta rihanna

      • u fuckin trippin if i eva see that bitch ass nigga chris brown in person im goin beat the shit out of him if i got a brick in my hand im goin do his ass like craig did debo so who eva the fuck u r u betta bot talk about rihanna like that cause she is a fuckin goddess and nobody and i really mean nobody should ever do her like that again….. and i really looked up 2 chris brown but now hw aint shit 2 me all he is 2 me is a annoying bug waitin 2 get hurt B.I.T.C.H.

  • lookit here mr c4…since when is it ever necessary to beat a woman? and to someone so beautiful as rihanna…now u should just chilll mr man or else i will chris brown your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that is horrible how could he do that his nasty ‘
    but what made him do it is what i want to know ?
    but he shouldnt of done it his evil people shouldnt like him anymore no way’

  • wow i used to think by all of chris’s songs he was a good hearted singer, i’ve always loved him and his music! But after what he did to Rihanna I will NEVER listen to another one of his songs. i threw out all of his cds and if any man does that to a woman i hope they know how wrong it is. but woman shouldnt beat up on men either so im some of yalls sides. but im rihanna’s side in this situation.

  • i love chris brown but how i feel so sorry for her coz i nowat its like my mum went through the same thing me to i just dont think we should say we hate chris intill we know the real story!!!! but i feel sorry for her and chis why i want to now why

  • i heard rihanna gave him a std and he was mad so he hit her and most of the stuff on her face is swelled up so it’s just bruesis but some ice on it trust me it’s gonna begone in like a month but i still love chris brown i’m still #1 fan even though wat he did was wrong she was wrong to so everybody needs to get over it cuz stuff like dis happens all the time jus cuz it’s chris brown din’t mean yall gotta get all hype!!!

  • Everyone should just shut the fuck up and let chris and rihanna handle their problems if u can support do so but stop openin yall stinky ass breath and talk shit

    • WHAT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      everyone has got there own opinion so you can shut the fuck up


  • Like 99.9% of singers out there are hypocrite bastards, I knew this was coming all along. Its not like Rihanna is off the hook herself, she probably was a big bitch to Chris who turned out a big ass aswell!

    She cheated him with Kanye West and I heard rumours she passed some sexual disease… I don’t know what to go on by saying… But you guys shouldn’t be fooled next time :P

  • i cant beiveve that he did that to you i wish i was there i would of stopped him and got me beat up get well soon rihanna im a big fan

  • cant belive what chris did we was my number 1 fan but now he aint god going to get him when whe gets out sorry rhianna are u okay numba 1 fan…………………………………………………………. THATS VERY SAD

  • you’s are all Sad bastards i swear u reely think rhianna is gonna be reading this shes got bigger things to think about she dint deserve this yeah-chris brown is a prick for dooing tht but. its nothing to do with all you’s so just stop whining AND FOR THE MOTHER FUCKER HU SED SHE DISERVES THIS -ROT IN HELL U SICK BASTARD no 1 desevers that!!!!sick cunttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • dat waz so mean y wuld chris brown do dat he shuld have stayed in jail i mean i like his songz and everything but he waz a complete asshoe for da

  • do you know all!!!!!????? cris brown is very bullshit!!!!!he have cut the happiness of the carrier of rihanna!!!and he doesn’t have the right to do that to her even though they have relationship!!!!!

  • omg…chris brown is such a dick!…..why would he do that to her…you dont beet up ladies…you jackass!….i feel so sorry for rihanna!

  • i was like chris brown’s best fan i luved him but now i think he is a total idot and he needs his face smashed in becuse rihanna u dont deserve anything like that no 1 does besides him…

  • omg this is horrible
    its so devistating to look at !
    i feel so bad for her
    and i cant beleive taht chris brown would do something llike that to her
    no woman deserves that no matter what anyone says cause thats jsut too horrible !

  • Seriously, Chris Brown and Rihanna are both as bad as each other.
    But she never deserved what chris did to her.
    Noone deserves it.
    Rihanna could have done something to him,
    to make him go like that.
    Therefore, she deserved it.
    In other words, if she didn’t then she didn’t deserve it.
    Its just the way it goes. :|

  • Seriously, chris brown and rihanna are just the same as each other.
    Yeah, she didn’t deserve to be like this, but she could have done something to him to do it.
    Noone could do that to anyone without a reason.
    Noone deserves it, yeah, not even chris brown deserves it.
    He deserves forgiveness :|
    forgive & forget srsly.
    it’s life, it goes on (YYYY)

    • im srry abt you gettin beat up but what did rihanna do to piss him off. dnt blame chris wen no one knows what rihanna did.

  • i really dont care about chris brown anymore because he was trying to kill rihanna and i really want to go to rihanna and talk to her about this picture but i am in fort wayne indianaso i will go to her house soon to ask her why did this happen.

  • It was really shocking when i heard about it. i was on the bus home from a game wen my friends shouts ” CHRIS BEAT UP RIHANNA!!!!!” none of us could have pictured this happening but it did. everybody is blaming it all on chris but the million dollar question is WHAT DID RIHANNA DO TO PISS HIM OFF SO BAD??????? i red it was ova a text but that mayb rong. it was also rihannas fault.NOT ALL CHRIS’S.

  • wot i dont get u people she slept wid justin timberlake wen they was making the vidoe rehab nd im glad she went 2 rehab u gys can stop chatten shit bout him cause i fink dat rhinna is a bitch nd she should be the 1 2 tell every1 y he beat her up SHE CHEATED ON CHRISS BROWN i repeat RHINNA CHEETED ON CHRISS BROWN . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • okay this is all pretty funny because we have no idea what the truth is,
    and your all sooking about it like crazy bitches, lmfao :)

    i love chris brown
    and latley ive started to like rhiannas music, too.
    of course this is all fkn depressing stuff, rofl
    knowone wants to hear that their favourite guy singer who is extreamly sexy, hit his girlfriend.

    butt im sorry to say ladies,
    its 90% true, becuase chris brown, being the sweet man he is,
    turned himself in to the cops.
    so its probably true, as much as i hate to say it.

    come on guys, hes a desent guy for owning up and turning himself in.
    and omg, rhiannas new song ’emergency room’ is dedicated to chrisbrown.
    so it also explains what happend between them two.
    :) anyyyyywaayyyys

    good luck chris <3
    rhianna, your gonna need alot of makeup love, xx

  • if i was you i would beat him the death
    i would make him say i am sorry girl
    i want let no man do me like that i
    am crying know because the way he did
    you look so nasty

  • i haaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeee chris brown … i use to look up to him he was one of my fave celebs … and now i just hate him so much … you can go to hell chris …#uck the hell out of you …

  • I can’t believe this…if Chris Brown really did this without a good fuc*ing reason then I’m digusted, but who really knows what happened?

  • wad da fuck………i dont cair idont lyk them …..they suck n should just fuck of……..!!

  • i can’t believe he would do something like that. he should be in jail, i don’t give a fuck he is hot, a great singer and a celebrady he does not have the right to hit a girl. also it’s stupid of her to take him back, she’s not a good role model for little girls anymore, i guess she loves him beating her up. they still are little kid, they need to grow up.

    • learn how to spell hoe before you even think about saying anything… i think rihanna got what she deserved… but no women should be hit cause i no if that was me my face wouldnt be the only one messed up… ya feel me??

    • learn how to spell hoe before you even think about saying anything… i think rihanna got what she deserved… but no women should be hit cause i no if that was me my face wouldnt be the only one messed up… ya feel me??

  • oh man look at her face i mean chris brown was my best fan and he still is this day everybody makes a mistake right yep thats right i mean NO one is perfect NO ONE not even you

  • i cant belive chirs i was his nuba one fan but he lst me and know im rihannas biggest fan i never even knew rihanna till now


  • CHRIS is a stupid person but RIHANNA is to smart to get back together with him.all i have to say is that she is setting a bad example other young people who will follow her.

  • For all of you that make fun of people on here, learn how to spell before you make fun of others.

    As for Rihanna and Chris Brown.. It’s wrong what he did, but since she has taken him back she is setting an example that it is okay to get beaten up. Both of them are very wrong in this situation, regardless of why the whole thing happened. Rihanna is a travesty as far as role models go, and I personally won’t be supporting either of their musical careers from here on out. It’s probably just all some publicity stunt, anyway.

  • um yea thatz fucced up feel me about wat happed between them but i dont think da pic iz real even if da shit did happen nah da pic look o.D fack lmao and i went thur shit just like dat but im not crying a bout it dame get over it then ppl saiybg she got back wit him and shit fucc dis i dont kno wats true any more fucc all of it itz all bull me i love music and i dont care a bout wats going on in both of there lifes fucc dem

  • wat the fuck dat shit look crazy but i dont think make up iz dat good for da fact that da bitch got lumps on her head make up cant couver up a lump shit and y da fuck they got the big az TMZ letters going across her face shit lookin wild but um yea so y should we ppl care a bout her face or wat he did to her itz their bizz not ours fuck dat

  • look er body rhiana is the cover girl model, that means not manny people i think not even cris actually see her with no make up on, shit she probaly got dat secret under cover dont sweat make up so, what you see now is rhianna,s true form no make up some form of clingon by the head puffy cried out angry woman face whose just been muffed into the window then probaly slapped because she initiated physical contact first, so pictures editors good work.

    • I can’t believe Chris did this ti Rihanna but anyway it’s not my problem but the thing is he’s going to do it again the first time is better than the sencond time. The second time he beat u up will be even worse than the first time. But i think Chris Brown is hot and he got a beautiful voice.


  • 0kay;; first 0f all chris br0wn isz supa wr0ng f0h d0in dhat . dhat ain even much c00l . an sec0nd 0f all ;; YHAl B0Y NEEDA St0P SAYiN BHAD StUF B0UH CHRiS BR0WN !!!!!!!!! YHAl D0N N0E HiM . sh00t;; make me sick . n0w wha if it ben yhu ;; wuld yhu like pe0ple talkin messz 0n dha internet ?? n0w ibet errsingle 0ne 0f yhal wuldnt say dhat messz 2chrisz br0wn face . s0 keep dha shit talkin 2a minimum . N0W WHA ? ann il0vechris br0wnn !!! ?

  • rihanna gettin wha her rat-l00kin face deserve . sh00t;; chris br0wn did wha wasz wr0ng buh still ;; she needed em ;; buh yah. she FUCKiN StUPiD f0h takin hisz assz back . in0e he supa sexy ;; buh dangg rihanna !!!!!!!

  • I cannot believe some of you on here condone any man beating up on a woman. I believe that pic was taken before the real swelling and bruising set in.

    He’s stupid for hurting her and she’s REALLY stupid for taking him back. I’m glad my daughter is old enough to realize just how stupid.

    They are not setting a good example for young people today and it would serve them right if their careers went kapoot!!

    By the way, what kind of schools did you people go to? There’s very few people in here that can spell, much less speak correct grammar.

  • i waz 1 of chris’s biggest fans but now i no that he did that i will never forgive him again

  • your so awesome chris brown,..
    we love you for that,..
    haha,.. (-_-)
    ang babae minamahal hindi sinasaktan ,..
    loko kang chris brown ka ah,..
    sira na pangalan mo,..

  • your so awesome chris brown,..
    we so sorry for rihanna,..
    haha,.. (-_-)
    ang babae minamahal hindi sinasaktan ,..
    loko kang chris brown ka ah,..
    sira na pangalan mo,..

  • ok seriously i think everyone of u ppl are wrong.
    its their life they are going to live how they want.
    so stop being so judgemental if u dont like them now becuz of this so be.
    just think if they were just your ordinary everyday couple u wouldn’t be judging them so much so why do it?
    becuz they r famous? ur kids like their music?
    grow up u dont like it dnt pay attention..
    dont let ur kids listen to their music becuz they make decisions that u think aren’t the right ones.
    we are HUMAN!!
    this is what is wrong with the world these days ppl think it ok to judge everyone well its not its wrong so maybe its u and not them!

  • Oh $&*^* dAmN rIhAnNa U Is nOt lOoKiNg gOoD…. (CoUgH) WOw!!!
    (AhEm) SO, AlL U WrITeRs OuT ThErE sToP TaLkInG AnD LeT Me dO It AlL….
    (wHiStlE) NoW AlL YaLl LeSTeN BeFoRe YaLl gEt iN A CaT FiGhT!!!
    (eXhAlE) Im gOnNa bE DoIn thE TaLkIn nD U LiTeN, So SHHHH!!

  • i dnt care wat happen between dem two they can work it out im jus praying that my boys carreer is save and still on the go well im not being bias him shouldnt do her so but a so it go inna life but i still him u boo

  • she fucking deserves it for been messing around with my man, i was in love with him, and i hated riahna for havin him, stupid BITCH!!!

  • she deserve it for messin around with my man, i was in love with him but that stupid bitch had him, he was too good for her anywayz

  • all of you goofy bimbos are just jealous that rhianna is better looking than you. and all of you who actually think you could land chris brown, 1- not even when hell freezes over, 2- you would get your ass beat the same way, 3- think about it, if he saw your postings against rhianna he probably wouldnt even want you to buy a cd of his you f***ing MORON

  • P.S. Learn how to type, spell, & use proper grammer, seriously dont make yourselves seem to be any more dumb than you already are. how many black people are on this web site?

  • Of all the people who have commented on this photo, I think I’ve counted one or two who haven’t sounded completely retarded. If you didn’t pass the third grade (on the first try), then do yourself a favor by keeping your ignorance to yourselves. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

    I’m also shocked that so many people could actually cheer Chris Brown on for viciously beating Rihanna, his girlfriend. Apparently, she made a comment insinuating that he had been cheating on her, and that made him angry. I can understand being angry. I can understand beating someone up in certain circumstances (self-defense, for example). But it is never okay to beat up your girlfriend! When is that ever okay??? Also, shame on Rihanna for taking his sorry, cowardly ass back! He’s just going to do it again!

    And for all those posters who said “fuk her she be messin wit my man” or “leave chris alone he my boi”…….I hope you wise up before you become someone’s punching bag, because you’re asking for it saying stupid shit like that.

  • you idiots are arguing over the stupidest shit,who gives two shits about rihanna,as far as im concerned,chris didn’t beat her up good enough,thats why im mad at chris right now,next time do it right punk

  • wat happen to make Chrisbrown do such a thing?men they still talk and every thing i hope they make more songs together and get over their past.they make a good couple rhianna i won’t u to no that the lord is on your side both actually both don’t let that affect ya’ll career.u and him put to much and to just give up like that.

  • I Think rihanna payed someone…
    come on!!!
    Chris Brown’s Mother got beat wen Chris was 7 throw 13 years old
    whyy would he do that!!!

  • i think he did it for a good reason and if not then she deserved it because chris brown is a good man and i dont think he would do something just for the fun of it and shout out to chris brown i love u and if u want to be with me cool… i like aggresiveness

    • Ur crazy to think like that and still would like to be with a boy like that. see ur face beat up on tmz to

    • ok u think its ok to beat a girl. if they had probs than chris should have talked about it not beat her

    • she threw her phone at him that’s why!!THATS BULLSHIT ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS SAY STOP BUT HE JUST HAD TO HURT HER.I FEEL LIKE BEING WITH ROC ROYAL RIGHT NOW.i dont kno where dat came from…….LMAO but seriously

  • why did that boy do that to that poor little girl… God bless chris brown and Rhianna i will be there by yo side through thick and thin love bubba mac the one and only sweet thing and will you marry me sometimeand have children God bless you and just to let you kno that imma lover not a fighter so that means i am not a woman beater i am a good very handsome beloved man

  • No one man or woman deserves to be hurt this way. Walk away people just walk away when you are angry enough to hit.

  • wow..can you believe the Chris Brown supporters…justifying his actions..whats next..its ok he raped her..she was asking for it too..wearing a low cut gucci outfit..that dare she look good….

    whatever the reason..their will always be someone out there agreeing to it..

    Chris Brown ruined his career…cant be in the public eye and do horrid acts of violence and accept people pat you on the back..”its ok sweetheart..we want our kids to grow up just like you”…

    He is famous, rich had a gorgeous GF…good and bright future ahead of him and he pissed it all away because of long was the beating of Rihanna..5 minutes…was it worth ruining his entire adult life and bringing shame to himself and his family?

    I guess today the real men are gone..all have become wrapped up in their emotions…

    Poor Rihanna,,she should choose her men wisely…and be aware not to put herself in a situation like that..


  • i think rihanna should forget him yaa he left a skare bt she just needds to leave him and try to for get him she is nt a good guy yea he may be hot bt in the inside he is ugle well thank you for reading this

  • Way he’ll is wrong wit Chris brown fat niggardly needs god damn therapy cuz he a god damn bitch ass nigga and I hope he fucking drops dead and I mean it