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Scott Disick Wants To Buy a Bike From Jesse James, Huh?

Scott Disick clearly has no boundaries when it comes to trying get attention. Most people would have pulled themselves off of reality TV after punching in a hotel mirror, but this guy just keeps doing things that keep him in the spotlight.

For example, today he sent this tweet to Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James:

Here’s the thing: For a long time, Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers was the best place to get a bike, but ever since he was caught cheating on his wife and rumors started swirling about his ties to white supremacy groups, he’s kinda blacklist material.

Plus, Scott’s Jewish. I would think he’d take some issue with hiring someone who’s down with Hitler, but maybe he’s just that clueless. Or he doesn’t care.

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  • *screeching noises* Wait a second. Scott’s one of God’s chosen people? Fuck. All this time I’ve been wondering why I’m so attracted to him. I mean, I tend to like cocky. I like the Park Ave. tapestry inspired shirts and ties. But he’s just gross otherwise. But a Jew. It makes sense now. Jew is an immediate turn on…like Tall, or Has Cat.

  • He is the biggest ass ever.
    Don’t understand how he can embarrass himself like this. Oh yes I do…Hes a sponge and living off the Kards. Never have I ever seen such a sorry excuse for a man.