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“I’m Not a Nazi … I Just Play One in Real-Life.”

Although Jesse James has claimed again and again that he’s not a Nazi-lovin’ white supremacist, his peers are inadvertently proving otherwise.

Sources at Radar Online claim that James brought some unsavory pals to Bullock’s Austin-based restaurant, and by “unsavory,” I mean they were tattooed to the hilt — with swastikas and other white supremacist propaganda.

A former employee at the restaurant Bullock owned states:

“Every once in a while when he would have all of his friends in, I definitely noticed more than one swastika tattoo on some biker guys’ hands … I just saw a couple on a couple of hands. I’m not really looking at the stuff on their necks or what’s poking out of their sleeves, so the only things I saw where [sic] the things that I was already looking at when I was filling their glass so I noticed what they had on their hand.”

The employee — who’s probably on some kind of White Power-agenda hit list, now — states that James himself never spoke more than a few words “and sentences in a row.”

Psst … It’s probably because he’s not intelligent enough to string coherent words and phrases into uber-intellectual conversation about, you know, like the weather or whatever.

I know you shouldn’t judge people by their friends, but you generally don’t hang out with, like, the Crips or the Italian Mafia if you’re not a member yourself — or at the very least, share some of the fundamental similarities with them.

Whatever, Jesse.  You’re an ass.

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  • Once again this man hating website attacks the man and ignores the woman’s part.

    Sandra was raised in Germany and speaks fluent German (google the video of her at the awards ceremony in Germany). Her dad was German.

    Please explain to me how she didn’t know this guy was trouble. Just look at him. He was married to a porn star. What kind of woman marries a racist tattooed freak who obviously didn’t just become a white supremacist over night?

    • I’m with you on this one! Contrary to the popular saying, you should judge a person by his friends, especially his wives! He was married twice to porn stars, what was Bullock thinking? That he was a gentle misunderstood soul? I can get that she likes her man to be a little, well, shell we say manly, but that Jesse James character is plain white trash.

    • What the hell is wrong with you. Being German does not make you a nazi. You shouldn’t accuse people of that because of their heritage. What back ground are you from? I’m sure some one could come up with a lot of things to accuse you f because of that.

  • Blame game aside, this post was horseshit.

    Sarah, I really fucking hate your writing. Just because you jumped to a conclusion in a past post doesn’t mean that your position is now fact and justified.

    I know this is a gossip site, but that shouldn’t give you free reign to extrapolate and fabricate. If you were funny at least we’d have something to laugh over, but you’re not. You’re just a judgmental prick who can’t spell with no logic and faulty reasoning.

    For some people, contributing to a blog they don’t own is a stepping-stone to a better writing career. But the publicity only works if you’ve got a good voice. If this shit is your best effort, I fucking doubt that’s the case for you. In five years, I hope you look back at all the hate you spew — which you try to justify by calling your target a worse hater than you are — and you see how hypocritical you are.

    • Sasha….With your next hire, please get someone with some real journalistic experience. You desperately need a copy editor for your pt’ers as well.

      About this post, today was the first day there were new pics of Sandra out. That’s the latest NEWS about his story. Why don’t y’all have them??? We all know Jesse is a lazy ass wtih a penchant for racism, dog fighting, whoring around, and generally being scuzzy.

  • I don’t want to be rude,but the swastika is a very ancient sign for positiv things,used by many cultures around the world.I know that Hitler used the sign for something very different and bad,but people should concider the fact,that not every single human wearing a swastika tattoo or sign is a nazi…

    • im with u… the swastika in its original conception stands for balance, like the ying-yang. people shouldnt be so afraid about the sign, whe have to get over the nazis, keep talking about them is keeping the alive…

    • Unless you are over 70 years old the Swastika should be a symbol of hatred burned forever into your mind. I doubt very much you are that old.

      You are either a holocaust denier, a racist, or a history scholar. Considering your spelling I doubt very much you are the later.

      • It’s people like you,who keep this whole nazi thing going.Yes Hitler used the sign for his nazi shit,and yes he did really bad things(and not just to jews),but can’t we get over it?!
        I mean almost every nation or nationality has it’s own big story in history in which something very bad happened to them.But life goes on.Living in the past won’t help nodoby…(I don’t say that we should forget about everthing,just get over it.)
        And just because somebody has a different sight of things,that doesn’t mean,that he is automatically a holocaust denier or a racist.

  • I’m on Sandra’s side in the battle that is currently being hashed out, because no one deserves to be cheated on, but damn. She can’t have been completely blind to the fact that her husband was into this kind of stuff. It’s not possible. (The Nazi-love I mean, not the cheating.)

  • Real skins aren’t racist, just working class people who love black and whit music. Nazis can fuck off, you are the minority.p