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Remember Colin Farrell and His Penchant For Fighting?

Yeah, it’s definitely ten years later and the dude’s up to the same old shit.

Farrell got into it on the streets of London last night. He and some guy didn’t see eye to eye during some Dancing on Ice after-party and it came to blows out in the street during the wee hours of the morning.

Farrell’s had a long history of outlandish behavior aside from his love of physical altercations: he famously dated Britney Spears prior to her downward spiral, made a sex tape with Playboy‘s Nicole Narain and propositioned a 70 year-old woman for “no strings attached” sex.

Poor, cantankerous Colin. I guess I’d have all sorts of repressed anger, too, if I starred in Phone Booth. And that Miami Vice reboot.

Too bad it’s not him. TMZ has received official word from Farrell’s rep that he’s touring LA these days. You know, though, it’s not such a bad thing to have two Colin Farrells running around.

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  • LOSERS!!!!! It’s not him. He’s in LA. This guy is not as good looking, is missing the two freckles on his left cheek, a lower arm tattoo and a left ring finger tattoo.

    Check out

      • Oh, so sorry.

        I’m sure you would like someone to try to set the record straight if you were a victim of slander.

      • He’s famous. He is famous for doing shit just like this, too. It’s not slander, it’s an educated guess. And I don’t know, if I was the victim of slander and my only recourse was to listen to a stalker who knows where all of my tats and freckles are off the top of the head, then… I’d probably stay with slander.

        No, the lack of fun in mocking you, dear Hep, comes from you calling everyone else LOSERS because they didn’t immediately spy the oh-so-clear-in-your-eyes evidence. Losers who live in glass houses should probably shut the fuck up, that’s all I’m saying.

    • LOLOL what are you twelve? ‘shut up stupid sarah’ LOL! and phonebooth SUCKED, but that’s an opinion.

  • He’s never been famous for fighting and drunken brawls. Partying and womanizing, yes. Sounds like you just don’t like him. He’s still hot, probably more so than he was in his wild days.