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Caption This: Scott Disick and His Jaunty Pink Blazer

After hearing the news that Scott Disick was hired to be a regular panelist on E!’s Fashion Police, I felt the need to open comments on the above photo.

Also, I’d like to open up comments on my theory that Scott’s probably a closeted homosexual. It’s not his preppy and often pink style that makes me think that, either. It’s his deep-rooted rage coupled with his dead eyes and what seems to be a general disconnection. It’s as if he’s so busy thinking about how he’d rather be plowing some dude than hanging out with his baby mama that he’s not even present.

And that makes me very interested in hearing him sound off on fashion while seated next to Joan Rivers. I’ll be watching every episode,  just waiting for him to crack.

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  • This is going to be so good. He’s either a closeted gay, or he’s compensating for something else.

  • In my opinion he looks fantastic, I wish every man would take an example on how to look good, he was born with style, no sweat pants, tshirts and running shoes like many others. he has a clean classic look and looks more put together than most guys out there.