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Oh, Jessica…

Jessica Simpson posted this picture on her Twitter last night, along with this lovely caption:

Romance 101..getting kissed by my Yalie…me not lookin’ so smart…:) but YUM!

Her “Yalie,” Eric Johnson, seems to be pretty into her, too: after just eight short weeks of dating, he’s dropping out of grad school for her.  He was all set to head back to the University of Pennsylvania, but a source says that “he doesn’t want to move to Philadelphia and leave her so soon after they got together.”  Some people are speculating that Jessica caught herself a gold digger, but I think it might be too soon to tell.

It’s not in me to hate too much on Jessica Simpson.  I just can’t do it, and I’ve even seen Dukes of Hazzard.  She just seems so genuine with everything, and I find her ridiculously endearing.  So maybe she doesn’t look too smart in that picture, and it’s possible that her new boyfriend doesn’t have the best intentions, but let’s just root for her anyway, ok? She deserves that much.

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  • It’s possible he *is* a gold-digger, but you know, people drop out of grad school all the time. There are probably one or two good grad schools in Calif. too. Wouldn’t finding a good relationship be worth printing out your application packet again and finding out the deadlines at a few new schools? I’d say it would be.

  • Why would I be “rooting” for Jessica exactly – who am I to her? Nobody that’s who. It actually has as much effect as prayer to be “rooting” for her… you know prayer, that activity people engage in to feel like they’re doing something for someone whilst achieving precisely jacksh*t other than making themselves feel self-righteous.

    Who gives a sh*t basically.

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  • I can not believe this man threw his education, and life, far from some hasbeen who can not sing or act. He must be desperate for money and she must be desperate for a man. If you live off their money, then it will be supervised by Jessica and her father. Both are pathetic. I guess Eric Johnson is not as smart as he claims to be