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Chelsea Clinton Finally Got Married

Last night in a small town in New York, Chelsea Clinton got married to longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky.  It looks like a really nice ceremony – the couple looks happy, and there are no reports of Bill getting a sneaky blow job in those $15,000 bathrooms or anything like that.

Bill made this sweet little statement:

“Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and their close friends. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family.”

And even though there was a little bit of talk about Obama not being invited to the ceremony, you know who was in attendance?  Ted Danson.  I’m not trying to hate on Obama or anything, but I’m just saying that I know who I’d rather party with.  Good choice, Clintons.

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  • I read that the Obamas were invited, but graciously chose not to come so that the security would not be even a greater nightmare. It probably also would have been much more difficult to keep the whole thing under wraps as well as they did if the Obamas were coming, because there’s a whole advance team any time the President goes anywhere.

  • Looks like even copius amounts of makeup cannot make Miss Clinton look even halfway attractive. Seriously, she’s just plain ugly as sin.

  • It’s not every woman’s goal to look like some generic, plastic, Hollywood doll. She looks like a real person who is happily getting married. It’s always been such a shame that everyone focused on her looks from such an early age. She didn’t ask for the spotlight. She’s a bright, accomplished person and it’s sad to me that the public doesn’t care about this at all.

  • Gosh, you people are mean. She’s not some celebrity- she didn’t ask for her life to be so scrutinized. I think she looks really ecstatic to be married, like any bride would.
    Also, why would the Obama’s be invited? It’s Chelsea’s wedding, not her parents. Who would want the President of the USA upstaging your day?

  • I think she looks adorable and genuinely in love. She’s not a very pretty girl, but she seems very sweet.
    By the way, doesn’t she look more Jewish than her Jewish husband?
    ??? ???

  • This is not the goal of every woman to mimic some generic plastic dolls Hollywood. It looks like a real person who is married. It has always been a shame that all