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Nobody Stays Married These Days

Heidi Montag has filed for a divorce from Spencer Pratt.  Can you believe it? You should, because it’s been a long time coming.  And being the fame whore he is, Spencer Pratt went straight to People to make sure everyone knows what the deal is:

“I love Heidi but our marriage was a show – it was part of The Hills world.  And that world is on a sound stage.”

“It’s clear that reality TV-fame-loving Spencer Pratt does not fit with my ex-wife Heidi Montag’s ambitions for a motion picture actor/pop star career and being a single sex symbol for the world.”

“Some say if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen, Well, Heidi couldn’t handle King Spencer’s fame so she got out of the marriage.”

These are all quotes from Spencer Pratt.  He opened his mouth and said those words about himself.  And I don’t understand that.

I’ve only seen The Hills once.  I was hanging out at a friend’s house, and we were just checking out the television when it came on.  I remember everyone just stopped talking and sort of gaped at the screen.  We didn’t even talk shit about it or laugh or anything, there was just general confusion about what the fuck was happening.  I think that’s also the reaction a lot of people have to Spencer Pratt.

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  • You could not have said it ANY better, Emily.

    And, The Hills was a scary show. Like, some of it really happened and was real, and some of it wasn’t…? I don’t know, that freaks me out.

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  • United announced that Heidi Montag has decided to divorce her husband and Spencer Pratt has already filed for divorce. Their marriage lasted just over a year.