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Jimmy Fallon Did Something Funny, I Guess

Normally I don’t pay attention to Jimmy Fallon.  I think he’s a bad actor with some cute characteristics, and I don’t appreciate that.  I’ve even written poems about it, so you know it’s significant.  But then he went and did this Neil Young impersonation and sang this beautiful, moving song based on the Double Rainbow viral video.  And I can’t not respect that.

You win this time, Jimmy Fallon.  But if you ever show up on Saturday Night Live again, rest assured that you will not be so lucky.

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  • Name me one other host who could have carried this off…OK, Colbert…but really if even a cynic like you admits he’s funny then there has to be some truth to his comedy skills. Personally, I’ve always thought he was funny. It’s just that once he got on national TV with his own show it’s like he was being stepped on by the suits. But he’s working it out.

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  • Wow, you wrote poetry about it. Your such a deep person I can tell from your choice of subject.

    You should write a poem about Jessica Simpson next because that would be even more deeper and everything!

  • “Normally I don’t pay attention to Jimmy Fallon. I think he’s a bad actor with some cute characteristics, and I don’t appreciate that. I’ve even written poems about it…”

    what do you mean?

    you write poetry about that? seriously?

    i’m not trying to be mean, this really confused me.

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  • I prefer his rendition of “Pants on the Ground”.

    His version still gets stuck in my head on a weekly basis.