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Chris Crocker’s New Single

Do you guys remember Chris Crocker?  You know, “Leave Britney Alone!”, that guy?  Well, he’s still doing his thing, and right now his thing is music.  You can listen to his newest single, “Best of Both Worlds,” in the video above.  I think it’s kind of catchy.  What about you?

Ok, being a girl from a small town in Tennessee, this is kind of my only chance to talk about someone semi-famous that I know or have met, so I’m going to go ahead and grab it.  See, Chris Crocker is from my hometown, and we used to be mallrats together.  We would sit in the bookstore and read astrology books and play with my Harry Potter action figures by making them fly off the balcony and down to the first floor. I mean, back in 2004 his voicemail message was this five minute monologue, which included the very memorable line “My boyfriend can make you disappear.  He’ll pull things out of your ear and say things like ‘we’ve never met before, have we?'”  I remember when we got kicked out of the mall because he was wearing a shirt that says “I Love Lesbians,” and I see him looking fabulous at the gay bar all the time.  So anytime someone says something about Chris Crocker being fake or a drama queen or that he’s perpetuating a stereotype, I’m like “No, not so much.  He’s really just being himself.”

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  • Wait, you actually don’t think this man(?) is a drama queen? Jesus, I can’t wait to see the person who you think is a drama queen then.

    I don’t have anything against gay people, in fact 2 members of my family are gay. But frankly his kind of prissy, whining, attention-seeking (like drama queen) behaviour is just so f**ckin’ annoying. I wouldn’t put up with it.

    Maybe it’s a chick thing seeing as most chicks get off on drama.

  • when you start off a statement with “i don’t have a problem with (insert name of marginalized group here), in fact some number of my friends/family are (members of said marginalized group)” you’ve already lost the battle..

    • No, that’s just you attributing stuff that isn’t there instead of taking my words at face value actually.

      The fact is that Crocker’s behaviour, which involves whining, speaking in a prissy manner and committing acts that seem purely for the purposes of attention seeking are commonly associated with gay men by large sections of society so I didn’t want to give the impression that I have anything against gay men.

  • Hey, you know the guy and have great memories of growing up with him. Who the hell are any of us to judge? We all sit around our computers or iPhones and write our opinions of celebs or quasi-celebs but we don’t know jack shit for reals. Chris is your friend and good for you to stick up for him.

  • He’s really just being himself – a drama queen who perpetuates the stereotype. It’s not mutually exclusive.

      • Sorry, I’ll try to reformulate that – what I meant is, people say he’s a drama queen and perpetuates the stereotype, and Emily says he’s just being himself, that he is always been like that. And I say it’s not mutually exclusive, maybe he’s always been a drama queen who perpetuates the stereotype of gay men being little princesses who prance around covered in glitter.

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  • I’m not a big fan of his videos anymore–I’m sure he doesn’t do it every time, but I got to feeling like he was screaming a lot, which was just… hard to listen to… But his Twitter feed is awesome.

  • I loved his song “Mind in the Gutter” lol. I kept hoping he’d come out with an album and then Adam Lambert beat him with the whole gay pop thing….

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