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Lindsay Was Apparently Doing Far Worse Drugs Than We Thought

I know a lot of you guys like to make fun of Fergie for meth face, but damn. I never realized Lindsay had it, too, until I found out that she’s going to be treated for methamphetamines herself. Because yeah, she is. TMZ got the scoop that when Lindsay checks out of jail, she’ll be checking into Morningside Recovery rehab to be treated for meth use and withdrawal and bipolar disorder.

Who the fuck does meth, like, intentionally? I mean, you’ve probably all seen that website Faces of Meth. Why would someone consciously do things like that? Those are like Whitney Houston the people that intentionally use crack cocaine or inject heroin between their toes. These are the dirtiest of the dirty drugs, and anyone who knowingly tries a drug like meth is only setting themselves up for ultimate failure. It’s like, come on. How do you expect this is going to turn out?

Meth, for fuck’s sake.

Pretty hardcore, Linds. And pretty goddamned stupid, too.

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