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Gary Coleman Passes Away at 42

Gary Coleman Passes Away

Emily told you earlier today that Gary Coleman was in critical condition after suffering from a brain hemorrhage. Sadly, Gary did not survive the trauma and he passed away just moments ago in a Utah hospital.

While Coleman rose to fame as Arnold Drummond in the 70s and 80s on “Diff’rent Strokes”, most of his time in the spotlight in his later years came from his domestic violence cases, his strange relationship with his wife and his anger management issues. Between his constant battles with both his health and his demons, it’s been a long and dramatic life for Gary Coleman.

I hope that he’s at peace and that his wife is dealing with this news OK.

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  • Yeah, poor bastard- kidney transplants, heart problems – the meds alone would mess most people up and to be screwed around by the Hollywood child star system on top of that. RIP man you deserved a better shot at life.

    There’s probably a “look at your life and give yourself a slap Lindsay” in this but now’s not the time.

  • Dude, you were a troubled little fuck. My wish for you my friend is that when you arrive in hell you don’t get Michael Jackson for a room mate. Hold out for O.J. !

      • Ok let me try that again.

        Oh dear Gary. I am devastated by the news of your passing. You were my idol. You were such a positive influence in my life. I pray that you are now in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ and are being comforted by the Angels. Rest In Peace. Sob..sob..sob.
        Lawdy…lawdy…lawdy…. I’s so heartbroken!

  • Now that the police in Utah don’t have to go to his house every other week at all hours they can save money by cutting back on overtime.

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