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I Just Watched Countess LuAnn’s Video And I Was Expecting Her To Whip Her Dick Out of Her Dress The Whole Time

Dear God. You might not be ready for this, but here goes: Real Housewife Countess LuAnn’s music video for “Money Can’t Buy You Class” has hit the webs and sweet Jesus! I’m stunned simply stunned.

First of all, LuAnn looks gorgeous. And not even for a drag queen. She just looks absolutely gorgeous and I need to give her that. But the weirdness? Yeah. She definitely brings all the weirdness we’re used to with her except in this video it’s on a level we’ve never seen. Between the seductive camera stares (she has two teenage children! I’d die if my mother took on a vanity project like this when I was 15!) and the groping up and feeling up of 20-something men, it’s a little much. And of course the traditional campiness that you’ve come to expect from a Real Housewives musical production is breaking records here as well.

I just hope that this is the final nail in her singing career’s coffin. I don’t want to go through another season of this show with LuAnn thinking she has a right to sing and put albums out. This just isn’t fair.

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