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Lady Gaga Fans Need To Get Over Themselves

All of Gaga’s Little Monsters have been going after my beloved X-Tina for the similarities between her new video for Bionic and well, everything that Lady Gaga’s done since she’s been on the scene and it seems a little unfair to me. Look at Christina in these photos taken of her last night in New York. One could argue that this is the style (from head to toe) that we’ve seen Christina rocking for years. A little rock n’ roll, a little Old Hollywood glamor, right? We’ve known that to be Christina’s style since just after Stripped. When we see Christina stepping out of a hotel with a bedazzled lobster on her head, I say then we can start throwing stones. Until that happens, we gotta acknowledge that this lil mama has been singing her heart out and entertaining us for over a decade.

My loyalty is with The Dirrty One. What about you?

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  • Christina Aguilera is way better than Gaga. Her voice is fantastic and she is beautiful. Gaga on the other hand looks like a man to me even with all of the makeup she wears.

    • Agreed. Lady GaGa is a fucking cartoon and I hope she makes good on her recent threats to take a break. Unfortunately, I think she’s such an attention whore we’ll be stuck with her for a while.

  • ummm sure Christina has been out WAY longer…. but why all of the sudden did she start having electronic music and dressing INSANE in her new music video? Because Lady Gaga is WAY bigger than Christina right now. Christina even did the little sign over her eye that Gaga always does. Christina is old and worn out. Nobody wants to hear her constant vocal rollercoster anymore. It is obvious there has been a change in Christina since Lady Gaga hit the scene. Pathetic is what I call it

    • It’s not that she’s trying to be Gaga, that she started doing electronica/dance, what about Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Rowland and Akon, to name a few? It’s just this era’s type of music. Just like the early 90s was all about R&B/Slow Jams (well from what I remember). They have to get with the times. Not copying.

    • See, this is ridiculousness that needs to stop. Christina Aguilera has ALWAYS put herself out there and taken certain fashion “risks” as well as putting her women empowerment and sexuality on the forefront! Lady GaGa, in her own right, is “marketing” in her own way. Everyone has switched over to using electronic beats (ie Britney, Justin, etc.) and she just jumped on the bandwagon as well. So what? And in turn, go ahead and get your panties in a wad because the best vocalist of my generation is back ;)

  • Great post, I think it is insane that these comparisons are even being made, although I see the obvious comparisons. Gaga and Xtina are really not alike at all, beyond being blond female pop stars with killer vocals.

    First of all, like you mentioned, Xtina has been around much much longer than Gaga and went through her own transition as an entertainer/performer throughout the past 14 years. When she first came on the scene she was controlled by Disney, controlled by her manager and had to work very hard to gain control of her music and image. What we saw after that was a woman who was growing, questioning and changing herself, evolving if you will, while pumping out fantastic ballads and fun dance music. She rocks and has switched it up just enough, however, I don’t think she has ever tried REALLY hard to shock.

    Gaga is equally as talented, she has fun great dance songs, she can sing and play the piano which attests to her integral talent. However, this is her first album, her success is not well represented by the amount of time she has been on the scene and I have no doubt that she will have a long career in the industry. She is and has been in control of her music and her image from day 1, and she tosses herself in almost a completely different direction than Xtina if we are talking about image alone.

    Both of their influences come from what EVERYONE was listening to in those years. Xtina was born in 80, Gaga in 86. There are only so many icons in the music world who these 2 women could have drawn upon, so similarities are bound to happen with their music and the styles.

    As of now, I could never see Gaga taking on a song style like Xtina’s “ain’t no other man” or other songs from that 40’s retro era. I don’t think she would be able to pull it off and have it be believable. She isn’t signature red lipstick, she’s bedazzled crusted Lobster. They’re just different.

  • what i don’t understand is why people or fans are so intent on pitting these singers against one another. It seems like gaga fans have some weird kindergarten copycat crusade that gaga never asked them to undertake.

    why can’t people just like both of them, it does not have to be one or the other.

    Trends in pop music change (aka every one using auto tune) so if Christina wants lean in a direction that is popular right now that does not make her a copycat.

    There is nothing completely new under the sun when it comes to music (or fashion :)

    • that’s pretty much what i was getting at. it’s all recycled to some degree or another.

  • and thanks for the article molls. this whole gaga thing has been driving me nuts for some time. i don’t even really think she’s that talented of a singer and her song writing ain’t nothing special either. gaga is famous for one thing, wearing crazy shit, but there’s a lot of people who came before her doing the same thing.

    sounds like she wanted to be famous, got tired of waiting for it to happen, and went all ziggy stardust on us.

    and the masses bought it, big time.

  • Lady Gaga is the flavor of the month and her songs are fun. I have her CD right here in front of me & play it often. I’ve loved dance & pop music since forever. She is hot now and seeing the new videos of Xtina and Miley it is easy to see some comparisons. I could give a shit about Miley but Christina is a (dare I be over dramatic?) voice of a generation. She does not need to act like Gaga whatsoever and when she does even a little, it rubs me the wrong way. I want to scream “you don’t need to go there, Christina, you’re too good for that!” Christina also should not have acted like a diva in saying she never heard of Lady Gaga. That was a bitch move. Somehow I doubt any artist is so blind to what is going on in their chosen industry.

    There is room for them both. If they are going to have a rivalry then I think we fans will benefit from it. The more music from these two, the better.

  • I’m with you on this one! Yess there are some similaraties to Christina’s video nd Gaga! But I don’t believe Christina is biting Gaga! Gaga isn’t even gaga! She stole some of that shit from other people! She wasn’t the first to dress like that! Or act like a robot in her video! Come check out my blog!! ;)

  • In Xtina’s new video there was sooo much old school Madonna going on. I think it was the express yourself video (maybe) with mo with the eye piece and a suit with steam in the background. So so Modonna

  • I’m thinking, I don’t care how they dress, I enjoy most of Gaga’s songs, I only enjoy a couple of Xtina’s. Also in that video, the outfits they showed Xtina wearing to prove she was wild before Gaga, well I don’t find them very cool, she still kind of looks tryhard (like Katy Perry).

    im sorry but it is sooo annoying!

    all I want to say is that gaga’s little monsters are getting so annoying. People seem to forget that she is a brand- a product, thought up by a bunch of people in a board room. So its like, whatever… Her music is fun and I love blasting it in my car with my friends… but honestly I dont really know if she is going to even last like Madonna or even like xtina… idk, maybe she will, but it seems like the craze is starting to wear off…

    also facebook connect FAIL really pisses me off…