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My New Hobby? Watching Jim Carrey Slowly Lose His Mind via Twitter

Twitter is arguably the best and worst invention to ever happen to celebrities. Sure, we’re now able to interact with our favorite stars unlike we ever have before, but we also sometimes find out a little bit too much information (Lindsay Lohan, anyone?) Take Jim Carrey’s Twitter for example. We’ve always known him for being a funny guy, but between announcing his break-up with Jenny McCarthy on Twitter and now releasing his shitty artwork via Twitpic, I have to wonder how sane ol’ Jim is.

This painting, which he calls “Heart Upon Re-entry”, was posted to his Twitter last night and it’s title is most likely a nod to his recent break-up. It’s a fine painting, but definitely makes me wonder if one of my favorite comedic actors is actually an over-emotional mess. I know, it sounds like a harsh judgement, but I miss the days where I had no idea what the celebrities I loved were doing in their free time. I think that’s what gave them that mysterious, untouchable feeling that we used to associate more with famous types.

Anyone else feel like Twitter is blurring the divide between celebrities and us common folk?

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  • Well, my great friends older sister is on twitter and this bitch thinks shes a fucking celebrity because she has followers. That is what is wrong with twitter. People think they are Gods because whatever crap that they tweet can be read by the public. It gives them a ego.

  • My oldest son paints, and some of it is abstract, this looks like it could be something he would paint..I like it!!!

  • I can’t pass judgement on Jim, but I agree that sometimes knowing too much about an actor or musician changes how you feel about their work.

    It can work both ways. I appreciate Neil Patrick Harris’ acting ability more because he is gay and pulls off a straight character very well. I might be more softened on a criticism of a celebrity due to some hardships they are experiencing in their personal lives. (Sandra Bullock has done too much cosmetic surgery tweaking…but I’ll cut her some slack.) Some of their personal choices, leave me cold to everything else that they do. John Mayer–if he came out with the best album of all time, I wouldn’t buy it. I find him to be appalling and can’t see myself supporting him in any way.