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Another Day, Another Lohan Twitter Meltdown

Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter page isn’t exactly a trusted news source, but the outburst that we saw this morning seemed too familiar to write off as fake. 

Lindsay claimed that her father (aka “ex-dad”), Michael Lohan, broke into her home this morning. In her Tweets, Lindsay claims that she was putting her father on blast because she had no other way to protect her younger sister, Ali. What about the police? A restraining order? I mean, what the hell is an audience of a million random people and Perez Hilton going to do for you, Lindz?

Ironically, Lindsay thanked her mother before taking a break from her laptop, claiming that without her, she wouldn’t even know herself. This from a woman who’s been in a drug and booze induced haze since she was 17. Riiiiight. 

I’ve never sided with any Lohan but Lindsay, so this isn’t to say that I don’t think her father isn’t both inappropriate and insane, but she needs to STFU for a minute. Her family drama may be public and it may have started out that way against her will, but at this point, she’s the main perpetuator of her own bad rep. Unless Lindsay starts using her experiences with her father to help other people in similar situations and no money, then I don’t think we need to hear her talk about it anymore. Same shit, different day, ya know?

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  • How sad is it that Dina Lohan is the LESSER of two evils.

    Oh, Lindsay, don’t you know that there are mothers out there who are fame whores?

    If Dina is the reason you “know yourself,” that explains a lot about who you’ve become.

  • That little red-headed pot can call the kettle black as far as I’m concerned. But it sounds like her mom has a teeny alcohol problem herself.

    I just wish some other family member would get a hold of these kids, a la Frances Cobain.

    And really, Michael needs to cool his overstressed heart in stir for a while. The only thing this guy is good for is sponging off his kids by selling their voice mails, suing his ex’s and crying wolf about other people’s addiction problems.

    But Deena, take a sober moment to get your baby back into rehab assuming that you have one. And if she hits you in the face, call the cops on her intoxicated tush.

  • Instead of chewing her finger, I wish she was chewing the barrel of a 9mm, behind a dumpster, in the rain. I know, I’m a softy.

  • I don’t find this craziness funny anymore. Now it actually kind of worries me. Lindsay needs help, AND her father needs even more help. He should stay away from those kids. As far as Dina-Tina (what’s her mother’s name?) goes, I think she really tries to do the best for her kids but SUCKS at it. I guess she just wants to see Lindsay and Aliana happy. I just hope Ali won’t turn out to be as messed up as her whole family.

    Ps. Why do I feel like we’ll be reading the “LINDSAY LOHAN FOUND DEAD!” headlines anytime soon?

    • Because it’s one of the most probable headlines since “Obama’s Black Half Finds It Can’t Dance Either”.

  • Good God, I love some of those wedges in the above ad, but good grief. Too high end for my ass. :)