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Drake Gets Flashed By Fan, Freaks Out

The best part of watching someone blow-up is how they handle each milestone. You know, the first time you see a new actress giggling through her interview on Letterman or a new band getting shot by the paparazzi as they see their first sold-out crowd. Those are the great little moments in celebrity that we all love, and the video above? Probably the best example I’ve ever seen of this.

Drake was performing at a show yesterday when an over-enthusiastic fan decided that she just couldn’t keep her titties in her shirt any longer. Like Degrassi, “she went there” and Drake’s reaction? ‘Twas straight-up priceless. Like a true star, he recovered and continued on, but it was hilarious to hear him react to a pair of breasts like they were the first he’s even seen in his life.

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  • This whole not having sound on my computer thing is really pissing me off

    What’d he say??

  • he used to be on effing Degrassi (odlly entertaining Canadian teenage melodrama) and his real name is Aubrey Graham. lmao. He met up with douchey lil wayne and turned himself into a supposed “rapper.” I’m sorry sweetie. You were on Degrassi. Your name is Aubrey. You will never be legit; you will never be hardcore.

  • He is Canadian. He is an amazzing rapper. Much better than most of the shit out there. Def better than Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

  • LMAO that was halarious he said in quote “OMG!” the after that if u listen closely he says”Let the breast surprise her.” instead of the rest lol.