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Lady Gaga’s London Outfits Keep Getting Crazier

What happens when Lady Gaga runs out of Gaga? I mean, what’s this chick gonna do once she’s run out of wild things to wear on her head? She already doesn’t wear pants and tops she wears more and more sparingly by the day. I’m all for fun fashion, but seriously! This lady is going to run out of ways to shock us. And then what? Do we have to start liking Britney Spears again? Slow your roll, Gaga.

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    • no she wont Robin go away so fuck off she is the fuckin queeen LUV U GAGA SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH UR MEH BITCH 4EVAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • You can stop writing posts everytime she has a new outfit. *rolls eyes*

    And lay off Britney.

    • Have you left the house wearing a lampshade frame and bedazzled mosquito net recently? Hmm, what’s that? No, you say? Then shut up. If we have to lay off Britney, then you have to lay off Molls – it’s only fair.

  • When she runs out of ‘gaga’ she will show up somewhere dressed perfectly normal.

    and we will all be shocked and talk about her even more :)

  • Honestly Ladygaga dress hideous has fuck who ever like the way she dress is stupid and she nasty with her gay ass.

    • aye am sure i would love 2 see u in real life u fuckin jackass how dare u say anything about gaga she is meh and the worlds queen dickhead and her ass is not gay let me tell u her ass is betta lookin than ur face soooo gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and sshe makes her outfits its called how to be famous and makin a livin y dont u try it and get off da computer and try to act ur fuckin age dats how she is fampus for her fuckin outfits and beautiful voice u ddick god ppl these daysss are so thick but u are like da worst u dickkheadddd retard goooooooo gaga am goin gagaaaaaaa luv u 4 evaaa meh bitch!XXXXXXXXX

  • Ladygaga dress very cool so fuck all of u guys who hate her she richer and cuter than u guys.

  • Ladygaga dress beauiful u people r just fuckin jealous becuse she richier and cuter than u guys so u people can kiss mine and ladygaga ass so fuck all of ya.

  • yeh u go nicki gaga am ur no1 fan u rocked the concert on 22nd of feb 2010 i luv u so much ur meh bitch 4 evaaaaaaaaa babyyyyy i llook up 2 u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • How about y’all suck my dick. Since you have so much time to bitch about her, you must be pretty bored with your lives. She’s unique and talented; something you’re not.

  • I usually dont do this but i have to say you guys are pretty immature for talkin about lady gaga’s style. At least she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in unlike im sure some of you are. So in conclusion, I would like to say grow up and get a life and stay out of celebrities’ lives. They are people too.

  • yeah Lady GaGa dreses crazy; your point is…? Lady GaGa is diffrent and thats why a lot of people love her. though she dresses like a “freak” she’s a really good person and makes amazing music(: I love her<3