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The Most-Watched YouTube Video of All Time Gives Me Hope

Susan Boyle

With all the dudes getting kicked in the nuts and Chis Crockers and horny web-cam chicks and teen girls dancing in their bedroom to songs with suggestive lyrics that clog up the works on YouTube, you’d probably think that the most popular clip every uploaded to the site would most likely be something along those lines. However, it was just officially announced today that the number one video in the site’s history is Susan Boyle’s incredibly moving Britain’s Got Talent audition. (Sorry, no embed option for this video.)

From Hollyscoop:

Susan became a household name overnight after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, and has managed to get over 120 million views on YouTube. The second place winner was a very funny and popular clip entitled “David After Dentist,” which didn’t even come close with 37 million views.

“JK Wedding Entrance Dance,” which featured a wedding party walking down the aisle to Chris Brown’s Forever placed third with 33 million. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” movie trailer took fourth place, scoring 31 million, while the “Evian Roller Babies” clip took fifth place with more than 27 million views.

It’s honestly alarming that the majority of popular clips on YouTube have messages of hope or love behind them. As much as you may hate Chris Brown, I can’t ask you to not cry when the bride finally enters during this video because it’s impossible.

In a world where Nickelback is the most popular band of the decade, Daniel Powter is the number-one one hit wonder, and where Jon and Kate get more coverage than the financial crisis we are in, it’s refreshing to see that people are still seeking out heartwarming entertainment on their own. You just need to go to the Internet, the amazing place where all things are possible, in order to find it I guess. Love you, Internet!

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