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Khloe Kardashian Has Prepped Divorce Papers Against Lamar Odom

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It’s safe to say things aren’t going so well in Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom‘s marriage. He’s a crack addict who thinks he can self-heal and it’s all a mess, so it seems like a divorce is imminent. Apparently it is in the cards and the paperwork has even been started… Khloe’s just not filing it yet.

From Radar Online:

“Within the last two weeks, Khloe instructed her lawyer to have divorce papers drawn up,” a source with intimate knowledge of the situation revealed.

“All she needs to do is tell the lawyer to file the petition. She has even signed the divorce papers, in anticipation.”

Though the source described Kardashian and Odom as being on the verge of divorce, the insider was insistent that the youngest of the three reality television siblings was not yet ready “to pull the trigger.”

“But she feels she has no other options at this point because Lamar is unwilling to go to rehab,” the source added.

“There is hope that if Khloe does file, Lamar will realize he must get help.”

I do think divorce in this case is in the cards, but I’m also a little disappointed because a) Khloe is obviously the best Kardashian and actually has a modicum of common sense in her brain and b) I really thought those two were gonna make it! I mean, a crack addiction sorta throws a wrench in every operation, but still, it’s a shame, isn’t it?

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Lamar Odom Is Safe In Rehab — Does Khloe Know?

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Lamar Odom is nice and safe in rehab, after a pretty tumultuous 2 weeks. He went on a bender, got into a minor car accident, and then a few days later got arrested for driving under the influence. If the only good thing that happened to you all week was that you got Taco Bell, you’re not having the best week. I would say that going into rehab is a good choice. From Starpulse:

“He realized he needs help,” said one of two sources who confirmed the news to People magazine on Wednesday.

Odom has been urged by wife Khloe Kardashian to check in to rehab following reports of his infidelity and that he’s addicted to crack cocaine.

[...] Following Friday’s DUI arrest, Kardashian gave Odom an ultimatum, telling him he wasn’t welcome to come home until he completes rehab.

Except that TMZ is claiming Khloe had no idea he went to rehab:

Sources close to the couple tell us Khloe never got so much as a heads-up about Lamar’s plans, and was completely blindsided by the report he’s checked in for treatment.

We’re told one big reason for that is Khloe and Lamar have not been talking at all since she issued an ultimatum last weekend — get help or our marriage is over — intending to force his hand on the issue of rehab.

Well as long as he’s in rehab, I guess that’s the most important thing?