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This Would Be Khloe Kardashian’s “Real” Father

photo of khloe kardashian real father alex hairdresser pics
Oh that Khloe. Now I have even more reason to like her – she’s almost not even a real Kardashian! I mean, we all pretty much knew that from the get-go, what with her vast appearance difference and her entire attitude. It’s her demeanor that probably should have tipped us off from the start, though. She’s never been a whiny, vapid little twit bent on alienating everyone in her path so she can fame-whore and pretend to be the victim all of the time. She’s relatively normal, all things considered.

Anyway. The dude in the picture is someone we’ve vaguely talked about before – this is Kris Jenner’s former hairdresser of the eighties, Alex Roldan. Sources say that he and Kris probably had an appropriately-eighties coke-soaked tryst one steamy evening and Khloe was the ultimate result. Funny thing? Khloe’s middle name is “Alexandra.” An homage to daddy, perhaps? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Kris has never made it a secret that she’d cheated on Robert Kardashian before they divorced. Even Robert knew, according to his other wives. He allegedly claimed that he and Kris weren’t even sleeping together when Khloe was conceived, so hey. All the pieces might be falling into place on this one, huh?

And the physical similarities between these two! Damn! Need another side-by-side to convince you? Well OK.

photo of khloe kardashian and alex roldan pictures photos pics
Wonder what Alex the Hairdresser thinks about probably fathering one of the Kardashian girls. I mean, it’s all over his face.

Hers, too.

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  • oh, man. that is indisputable! she is not a kardashian after all. like, no freaking doubt about it.

  • I’m much so my mouth literally hung open when I saw the side by side. WOW! Its like seeing a male version of her!

  • Kris Jenner has been so bent on pushing the [common decency] envelope and living the “anything goes” Hollywood lifestyle, it would not surprise me, at all, that she would have had an illicit sexual liaison with her hairdresser. It’s so very “Shampoo,” and that would have validated her pursuit to be like the worldly-wise people she hopes to emulate. Kris Jenner is a shallow wannabe.

  • People should not act like they “know” all about people even if they are celebs. They have private lives and feelings, too. I think Khloe looks alot like her Mom but the pic of the hairdresser looks alike like her, too. Only the family knows, and maybe Kris did have an affair and her husband loved her enough to forgive her and raise and love the child like his own, which he raised her so she would be Robert’s child! I was adopted and mother and I were so close and I was the person she loved more than life itself. Leave the family be, This one is really hitting below the belt. Leave them in peace. It is really NO ONE’S BUSINESS.

    • My sentiments exactly. Everyone is entitled to some sort of privacy, even if there are celebs. Khloe is my favorite Kardashian of all and she was fortunate enough to have two fathers love her. Lucky girl, no matter who’s sperm brought her here.

      • when your family got it’s claim to fame and your millions of dollars by airing your dirty laundry (and your dirty sex tapes) you can’t really be infuriated people don’t respect your privacy.

  • Wow, out of curiosity I just looked at the pic but thought it would be just another “Oh Please” moment. However, I am shocked by the resemblance and feel sorry for Khloe if this is true. What a way to find out via media. You can’t keep things buried forever and Kris Jenner wanted fame soo…..bad that she never considered that this secret would be exposed (if true). I think with all this hoopla Khloe will be curious enough to look into this herself,I wonder what she would think if she saw this side by side.

  • @Jaylah, I believe she has probably seen the comparison photos by now.

    Speaking of photos, try Googling “Alex Roldan” on Facebook. It may take a few tries to find him because there are several Alex Roldans on Facebook, but there are current pictures of him with gray/silver hair. The resemblance in the current photos is even more uncanny than the video capture of him from twenty+ years ago.

    At this point, the healthiest thing for Khloé’s benefit would be for Kris Jenner to divulge the truth IF Khloé, indeed, has a different biological father from the rest of her siblings. There are several reasons Kris owes this information (if true) to Khloé, one, being the medical history of her real father’s family.

    She also owes it to her because it is my understanding, this gentleman who may be her real father is still living. Hopefully, Khloé will have the maturity and presence of mind to have a *complete* DNA workup. I hope it works out for her.


  • they do have a strong resemblance,from premiere of thir first reality show I always thought to myself that she looks totally different from the others, her height, her hair colour, she acts different, why would she look different coincidentally from the others kim,kourtney and rob share a strong resemblance thats a fact and if kris has any conscience at all she would clear the air.

    • Just the fact that Khloe took a paternity test to find out if she was adopted or not and Kris still didn’t take the opportunity to tell her daughter that she was actually different from the rest of her siblings, in that she had a different father is what bothers me. How could a mother do that to her child? Do you like fame so much that you would sacrifice your children’s personal lives for it? This is so sad and if it turns out to be true and we will find out soon, I hope Khloe would be able to deal with it. No one deserves what she has endured all these years. I feel bad for her :(

  • The similar shape of their face and nose and mouth are distinctly similar. This would also explain the lighter hair color, her height difference, and her larger frame than the Kardashians. Khloe has done nothing wrong, it’s her mom that should be ashamed to let Khloe grow up not telling who her real father is.

  • I’m sure Khloe knows that she is not a true Kardashian. I doubt that any of this was a secret in their family, just to the rest of the world because that family wants to make money… plus if she grew up being loved by that creepy Robert Kardashian than she is one.

  • As soon as i heard kris jenner call the accusations “silly” i knew she was covering up something. NOBODY would react to this information coming out in the open as “silly” period. If I had a daughter and I knew that my husband was that girl’s father I would be hell bent on proving them all wrong so they would stop. Notice how she’s not doing that? Kris never in a million years thought her money grubbing pimping ways were gonna end up with this coming out. NEVER. She thought she had the world by the ass, and now she’s cornered. Prove ’em wrong Kris….because they won’t stop and you know it. That Alex dude is her father, you gave Khloe a middle name of Alexandra….are you serious? You dun f’d up lady, we all see it now….Khloe looks just like him. Prove us wrong.

  • I don’t know who the real father is but I know who he isn’t….Robert Kardashian Sr…poor Khloe. You are the only real person n that family. I pray you find out who your biological dad is maybe it can clear up some questions as to why u can’t get pregnant.

  • the man who raised her is her ”real” father and that would be Robert Kardashian. time to leave Khloe alone folks.

  • How do we know the hairdresser was not gay…like most? How old is that photo of him? All comments aside- there is a striking resemblance. How tall is the guy?

  • So basically you’re saying Robert Kardashian had some shitty kids? That’s the only thing I’m taking away from this. Obviously explains why she’s the only one in that family that isn’t a total douche canoe.

  • man you people just want to convict some one. i have two beautiful children which i had natuarlly and they look nothing like me. they look like their dad. we have been divorced now for ten years and yet they still look like him some ways and me the other. it what people see. some people just cant help thriving on being mean.

  • Leave the kardashians alone Kris must know who get her pregnant. khloe’ is a kardashian LIKE it LOVE it and leave it u f***ing haters.